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    18 Jars Of Mayo That Need To Check Their White Privilege Immediately

    A deep dive into racial dynamics and privilege through the perspective of the most persecuted condiment in modern society – mayonnaise.

    1. This jar of mayo thinks we should stop making a big deal out of other condiments because all condiments matter.

    Diana Taliun / Getty Images

    Unless you wanna make a big deal out of mayo – that's totally fine.

    2. This bowl of mayo costs more than these bowls of ketchup and mustard, even though they all do the exact same job.

    Olgakr / Getty Images

    But it's not mayo's fault mayo's dad owns the fucking cupboard, is it?

    3. This jar of mayo thinks we need to start leaving things in the past where they belong, like that bottle of spilt milk. And slavery.

    Kucherav / Getty Images

    It's not like it had anything to do with mayo anyway, jeez, get over it.

    4. This jar of mayo blames “political correctness gone wrong” for the fact it can’t refer to barbecue sauce as its “spicy brown friend”.

    Sitriel / Getty Images

    It's like you can't say anything these days!

    5. These jars of mayo think no one should be able to use the ***** word, not just other condiments.

    Eutoch / Getty Images

    If you don't want people to say it, then don't say it at all. Duh.

    6. This dish of mayo is even starting to think that the word “mayo” itself is becoming a slur because it’s just stereotyping all mayos for being mayo.

    Anna1311 / Getty Images

    Even though the name "mayo" won't stop it from being bought and valued more than the other condiments in the cupboard. But it's just annoying, you know?

    7. This jar of mayo has never had to worry that its colour, lid, or texture is the reason it got picked for the cupboard.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    But because of that it feels so boring.

    8. This jar of mayo doesn't understand the big fuss over cultural appropriation. If it wants to dress up like wasabi for Halloween it will.

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    Must people really take the fun out of everything?

    9. This bowl of mayo loves jokes, and doesn’t get why no one seems to be able to take one.

    Vikif / Getty Images

    Jokes are funny. Don't be so sensitive.

    10. This bowl of mayo romantically whispered "you're attractive for a bottle of ketchup" on a date, and doesn't understand why it hasn't been called back yet.

    Ziviani / Getty Images

    People just don't know how to take a compliment anymore.

    11. This jar of mayo thinks it's ridiculous that everyone assumes it only listens to Taylor Swift.

    Christopher Brignell / Getty Images

    And so what if it does? It doesn't make it "basic" or whatever.

    12. This jar of mayo doesn't get why other condiments are mad that it's on the top shelf, and they're at the bottom.

    5ph / Getty Images

    Because if everyone worked as hard as mayo did, they'd all be there! That's how it works!

    13. And this jar of mayo thinks if other condiments are so unhappy with the way they’re being treated, they should just go back to the shop they came from.

    Anopdesignstock / Getty Images

    14. When this jar of mayo was told the story of the cupboard’s great history, it was only shown pictures of other jars of mayo and their contributions.

    Design56 / Getty Images

    Which seemed completely fine until the other condiments started making a fuss...again.

    15. This jar of mayo doesn’t think it’s fair that people talk so much shit about mayo. If people said those things about vinegar or pickle relish, everyone would be so up in arms, but noooo, it's fine if it's about mayo.

    Vikif / Getty Images

    Mayo is actually the most persecuted class of condiment nowadays.

    16. This jar of mayo believes in reverse condiment-ism.

    Gabrieldome / Getty Images

    It exists, people. It exists.

    17. This jar of mayo thinks everyone is so offended all the time, which is weird because literally nothing offends it at all.

    Eutoch / Getty Images

    It's just a chill jar of mayo, I guess.

    18. This bowl of mayo can totter around completely unaware that it actually is a bowl of mayo.

    DragojaGagiTubic / Thinkstock

    Until someone selfishly makes it aware by uttering silly phrases like "check your white privilege". What does that even mean?

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