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    11 Ways Makeup Has Changed Tremendously Since The '00s

    Trading "pout plump" lipgloss for the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

    1. Perfecting your eyelash game in the '00s:

    Twitter: @Baybay641

    The "clumpy mascara" look was basically a massive competition to see whose spider lashes could look the most dead.

    Perfecting your eyelash game now:

    False lashes are a bitch.

    2. Finding the best lip plumper for bigger lips in the '00s:

    It basically made your lips super sticky and slightly uncomfortable.

    Using a "lip plumper" for bigger lips now:

    Twitter: @_zoeymcguire

    The #KylieJennerChallenge went way, way too far.

    3. Wearing lipliner way darker than your lipstick in the '00s:

    Brenda Chase / Getty Images

    Using lipliner now:

    Twitter: @Nisryna

    Just put that lipliner alllll over your lips and keep going. No one will know the difference.

    4. Styling your eyebrows in the '00s:

    The thinner the better. It's best they have some sort of nonsensical curve to make it obvious you've put some effort in.

    Styling your eyebrows now:

    Via Twitter: @miss_vo


    5. Attempting to highlight your best facial features in the '00s:

    The only way most people knew how – with bright pink blusher.

    Attempting to "highlight" now:

    6. Wearing the wrong foundation for your skin tone in the '00s:

    Florian Seefried / Getty Images

    It was a learning process.

    Wearing the wrong foundation for your skin tone now:

    David M. Benett / Getty Images

    7. Doing "pretty eye makeup" in the '00s:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Doug Benc / Getty Images

    Nothing says "pretty eyelids" like shimmery eyeshadow.

    Doing "pretty eye makeup" now:

    Twitter: @kwelchh17

    The smokey eye has ruined many of us and will ruin more of us in years to come.

    8. Buying way too many lip products in the '00s:

    jaszczur2656 /

    Even though they all looked exactly the same when they were on.

    Buying way too many lip products now:

    MAC lipsticks have invaded every makeup bag at one point or another.

    9. Doing your nails in the '00s: /

    It was customary to covet the square French manicure press on nails.

    Doing your nails now:

    Either pray for a miracle with a nail art tutorial or get beautiful almond-shaped nails that may or may not betray you.

    10. Finding a suitable makeup brush to do your eyeshadow in the '00s:

    Urfinguss / Thinkstock

    You either used one of these or your finger.

    Finding a makeup brush now:

    QueenMargo / Thinkstock

    THERE ARE SO MANY. (NB: Not an accurate depiction of what these brushes actually do)

    11. Trying to do your eyeliner in the '00s:

    Twitter: @Na0miGwen

    You probably wore way too much and spent a good proportion of your morning applying it before school.

    Trying to do your eyeliner now:

    when you forget you have makeup and then rub your eye 😭

    Still terrible.

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