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    17 Incredibly Good Lipsticks Recommended By Lipstick Lovers

    All of the recommendations from fellow lipstick lovers.

    Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite lipsticks, and which they think every makeup addict should own. Here are their fabulous recommendations:

    1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick lasts all day, isn't drying, and "Lolita" is many people's favourite shade.

    "Lolita by Kat Von D is my fave lipstick for any occasion! It seems to work really well on all skin tones, and lasts all day!" –drewb4cba50ad3

    "Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I've been skeptical to buy an expensive lipstick forever, but let me tell you: it is worth every single penny. The colors are GORGEOUS, from every day nudes to sexy nights out or color pops when you're just feeling snazzy. Its easy to apply and it truly stays on all day WITHOUT DRYING. So go eat, drink, and make out without worries because the gods have given you a blessed lipstick gift." –jackev

    Get it from Debenhams for £17.00.

    2. Bite Beauty lipsticks are pigmented, moisturising, and ideal for sensitive lips. Have a look at the shade "Cava".,

    "For anyone with sensitive lips, I would suggest Bite Beauty. Their natural, edible lipsticks do not irritate my lips at all. They smell lovely and come in so many different colours and formats! Bonus, if you live in a city with one of their lip labs, you can go and make your own custom colour lipstick! This brand is a lifesaver for me because I started having allergic reactions to something in the lipsticks I used to wear, my lips would swell, peel and get red and sometimes painful. Bite is my HG and the only lip brand I can wear, but I do so very happily! Even if you have zero lip sensitivity, I still recommend them!" –carrieberrry

    "Any lipstick by Bite Beauty – truly the most moisturising, beautiful formulas ever! The shade "Cava" is GORGEOUS!" –mylena

    Get it from Sephora for $26.00.

    3. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is a liner and lipstick all in one and the shade "Cruella" is a cult classic.

    NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella! The best true red lipstick (blue-red, NOT orange-red at all) I've ever found. I really don't look good in orange-reds and found that even Ruby Woo is just a shade too bright and a shade too orangey for my pale complexion. The Cruella looks especially amazing on pale skin tones with dark hair, it's a really true blue-red and easy to apply because of the pencil design. Matte but not drying or dull, just lovely and perfect. (It's a crayon-like lipstick, not a liner, despite the name) I got it for my sister who is even paler and darker-haired than me (really has to wear jewel-tones in clothes, can't wear orange at all) and she looks awesome in it, too! –firelizard19

    Buy it from NARS Cosmetics for £20.

    4. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick smells great and stays put.


    "Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina, the best matte liquid lipstick for me so far. The colour stays on, does not dry my lips, and smells nice." –anissyaf

    Buy it from ASOS for £16.00.

    5. NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick is affordable and long-lasting for any lover of muted colours.

    "I definitely recommend NYX's Lingerie line of liquid lipsticks. They're long-lasting, matte, come in a variety of nude shades and don't dry my lips out. One application withstood a day of coffee-drinking, eating and kissing!" –samanthag29

    Get it from Cult Beauty for £7.00.

    6. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick won't leave your lips gasping for hydration, and "Trophy Wife" is a go-to.

    "Huda Beauty's liquid mattes are BOMB!! Literally the only mattes that won't leave me dry and peeling. Trophy Wife is my go-to, it's the perfect mauve pink! Her lip strobes are gorgeous as well!" –marandamariev

    Get it from Cult Beauty for £18.00.

    7. If you're looking for a lipstick that won't transfer or bleed, Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Lipstick is for you.

    Allen Cooley /

    "Beauty Bakerie liquid lipsticks are my personal favourite. I have 5 and they are usually my go to lipsticks. They dry matte and don't transfer or bleed. You can rub them with your finger and nothing will come off! They are a little bit of work to remove but the fact that you don't need to reapply makes up for it! I can go about 9 or so hours without needing to reapply!" –b4e0a1c1c8

    "Syruptitious by Beauty Bakerie is my fav go to liquid lipstick. Beautiful color, long lasting and not drying. Love it." –Sara Gefre, Facebook

    Buy it from Beauty Bay for £16.00.

    8. Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick is cheap and reliable, and "Divine Wine" is a recommended fave.

    "Maybelline's Colorsational lipstick line actually works well for me. I know not everyone will agree, but their Divine Wine and Red Revival colors are amazing! The former is perfect for fall and the other is great all around." –Jessie Nicole Galiher, Facebook

    "I personally love Maybelline's matte lipstick in Divine Wine but then again, I'm a sucker for dark colors and a cool name." –r4cf741325

    Buy it from Superdrug for £6.99.

    9. Wet 'n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick is cruelty-free and doesn't stain your lips.

    "Wet 'n Wild liquid catsuit in any shade. I love the nudes and they're cruelty free. They dry fast, have a velvety finish, and even though they seem to last forever when you're wearing it, it comes off so easily with remover and doesn't stain your lips!" –theresal46346e36b

    "Any of the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick by Wet 'n Wild! They are super affordable ($5), feel nice on the lips, and just overall look really good!" –angelicah46b718314

    Get it from The Beauty Shop for £4.06.

    10. "Frog Prince" by Lipstick Queen is moisturising and reacts with the warmth of your lips to make a sheer rose.,

    Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen! It's green in the tube and when you put it on it turns your very own personal shade of pink! This is my go to lipstick for every day and although the lipstick itself feels more like chapstick, the color stains your lips for a while. Love love love this lippie. –emilyk46d7dcd35

    Get it from John Lewis for £22.00.

    11. Tarte's Tartiest Lip Paint may cost a little more, but it doesn't budge at all.

    Tarteist lip paint by Tarte! This shit does NOT budge for anything: food, drinks, even running your finger over your lips will not smear it! I personally wear Festival everyday because it gives my lips an awesome color and lasts all 8 hours of work. –Ashley Steidl, Facebook

    Anything by tarte. It is my favourite lipstick and I never leave the house without it on. Costs a little bit more but it lasts, doesn't wear off and the colours are all amazing. Definitely worth the price. –m457a37b78

    Buy it from Tarte Cosmetics for £17.

    12. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick range is bursting with a ton of colours to choose from, but a top recommended is "Cherry Skies".,

    "NYX liquid suede in Cherry Skies. I've never seen a person it doesn't suit and it's a perfect dupe for Kat Von D Nosferatu. SA's in Sephora have asked me what I'm wearing when I have this shade on and been astonished that it's a drug store brand. Also it's not drying and stays on me all day!" –jessicav27

    Get it from Boots for £7.00.

    13. Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick is intensely pigmented and won't betray you after a meal.,

    Too Faced melted matte liquid lipsticks! They're super pigmented, non-drying and last alllll day even after eating and drinking! –bobbyb40fc0815b

    My personal favourite is the Too Faced Melted Mattes! They aren't super drying and last all day without looking patchy :) I own Queen Bee and Child Star and they both look amazing on my fair skin!! –elisev438e7decd

    Get it from Debenhams for £19.00.

    14. Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick is lightweight but rich in colour.

    "Lancome's Rogue in Love is forever my favorite. I LOVE lipstick but only use three ever-all of them are Lancome but two are specifically the Rogue in Love line. They're sheer and lightweight but have a really rich colour-I discovered them while searching for the perfect French girl kind of red (Rogue in Love's Rogue Valentine) and have been hooked ever since. I highly recommend it to everyone: my friends, random women in random bathrooms (gotta love that lady bond...) I carry it with me everywhere." –shannonigansva

    Get it from House of Fraser for £23.00.

    15. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick has a great formula and "Vamp" is said to bring in all the compliments.

    "As a woman of colour (slight tint darker than caramel to be exact) my go to liquid lipstick was Vamp by Anastasia Beverley Hills. This colour complemented my skin tone so well, gave me the confidence of Rihanna and went with everything I wore since it appeared as a neutral colour against my skin tone. Out of all the lipsticks I have, Vamp gave me the most compliments from random strangers prompting many to inquire and even purchase the shade." –Gowthamy Dhushy, Facebook

    Get it from Anastasia Beverly Hills for £20.

    16. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor won't break the bank, but will turn heads.,

    "I love the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. Even though it's matte it feels super soft and creamy. It's a perfect everyday nude, it's cheap but long lasting. I even wore this color in my senior pictures because I love it so much. My favourite part though, is how good it smells. It straight up smells like a milkshake." –haleyt4a1402621

    Get if from Superdrug for £8.99.

    17. And of course, the overwhelming favourite for many is MAC's "Ruby Woo" and "Velvet Teddy".,

    "MAC "Ruby Woo" is a vibrant red that looks good on a ton of skin tones! It's matte and full coverage, but smooth and not drying. Classic and classy." –daniellems

    "Mac Velvet Teddy!! Hands down the best lipstick I've ever owned. A nude that suits everyone and the matte formula means it lasts all day." –bellar4d48d3574

    Buy them from MAC Cosmetics for £16.50.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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