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21 Things That Would Definitely Happen If Kanye Were President

Welcome to the Good Life.

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1. Everyone in the country would get a free pair of Air Yeezys!

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2. Like Obama, Kanye would have his very own anger translator.

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3. And DJ Khaled would be on hand to scream "KANYE WEST!" every time he entered a room.

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4. Of course, Kim Kardashian West would be the honourable first lady.

5 things that will happen if Kim Kardashian becomes the first lady:

5. And Kris Jenner would be vice president, chief of staff, and secretary of all 15 departments.

She's not the "ultimate miracle worker" for nothing.

6. The White House would have a few minor additions.


7. And traditional landmarks would get a little makeover, too.

8. The presidential debate would be less "debate" and more this:

9. And if any reporter tried to come at him sideways, they'd immediately be met with this response.

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Ha, classic Kanye!

10. Rihanna would star in every campaign ad.

11. Kanye would release a new presidential edition of his clothing line, which Rihanna would model.

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Because Rih makes everything better.

12. The national anthem would be replaced by "Yeezus Walks". For reasons.

13. North West's birthday would be a national holiday.

15. There'd also be a National Kanye Day.

Quote "Kanye" at any store counter and get 50% off!

16. The national curriculum would include compulsory "straight face" training.

Watch and learn, youths, watch and learn.

17. Congress's power to veto the president would be reserved solely for Kim Kardashian.

18. All banknotes would feature Kanye's face.

19. And all coins would feature North West's infamous side-eye.

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20. But, most importantly, every important ceremony would showcase Kanye's incredible dancing talent.

21. Every. Single. One.

Roll on 2020!