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23 Real AF Jokes That Will Make All Feminists Laugh

"Women belong in the kitchen. Men belong in the kitchen. Everyone belongs in the kitchen. Kitchen has food."

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ITEMS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: -Little Black Dress -Cute flats -Strappy s- ok now that the men have stopped reading, we revolt at dawn.


how did i meet your father? he shouted "OI, YOU NOT GONNA SAY HELLO BACK TO ME, ARE YOU DEAF OR RUDE" as i walked past him and i just knew


Spent about 15 hours stitching this feminist art meme 😂


[First Date] HER: Do you consider yourself a feminist? ME: Oh I'm not feminist at all! HER: ME: In fact, some of my best friends are women.


men: smh feminists are triggered by everything ghostbusters 2016: exists men:


The work of feminism will not be completed until we are all given free black hair elastics to wear on our right wrists "just in case."


finally the whole country will watch as a woman stands politely listening to a loud man's bad ideas about the field she spent her life in


"Zeinab, I understand you're a feminist but you can't end your dua with 'awomen' instead of 'amen'"


I accidentally said "pastryarchy" instead of "patriarchy" and now I have a vision for a better world


Don't hate the player, hate the social construct of performative masculinity, which encourages weak men to conform to a sexist narrative th


sexism is a man screaming he has a better temperament than a woman who has been patiently waiting to speak after being interrupted 10 times


This computer's mouse is so sensitive it's like, what are you, a white straight guy being asked to admit that the system benefits you?


every single party where women listen interestedly to men is an extended piece of performance art, and men have NO IDEA


Men: I'm won't date feminists Feminists: k Men: ever F: it's almost like I subscribe to whole movement that makes it safe for me to not care

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