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    22 Jokes That Are Way Too Real For People Who Aren't Great With Feelings

    "Emotions are gross how do I uninstall them?"

    1. A life where you pretty much hate feelings isn't the easiest of lives to live.

    2. While most people find romance and couples adorable, you can't stand them.

    When couples get intimate in front of me

    3. And because of that, romance is very often lost on you.

    4. Dealing with emotional people is not exactly your forte.

    When your friend FaceTime you crying and you don't know what to say so you just stare back

    5. Because you’re either very blasé about making your friends feel better...

    6. Or you kind of just make it worse.

    trying to comfort a friend and accidentally making it worse

    7. You have no clue how people can be so open with their feelings, when you’re constantly avoiding yours.

    8. And opening up to someone can be a pretty painful experience for everyone involved.

    9. Especially when you'd rather ignore the full spectrum of human emotion.

    can u lose weight by running away from your feelings

    10. Hugs aren't something you'd say you particularly enjoy.

    11. And your aversion to feelings can make dating pretty difficult.

    12. In fact, falling for someone and suddenly catching feelings is your worst nightmare.

    13. Because it means experiencing emotions you're not entirely used to.

    When you start catching feelings for somebody

    Ahhhh, what is this feeling? Is it love? Please say it's not love.

    14. So you try to keep your feelings in check as much as possible.

    15. Your friends regularly joke about you being "dead inside" or "heartless".

    When you get murdered but you already dead inside

    16. But it's not that you're actually heartless, it's that you can't deal with experiencing too much emotion in one go.

    17. So you'd rather just make a joke about it instead.

    when ppl think ur funny but really ur humor is a defense mechanism because you never learned how to process emotion

    18. Compliments make you super awkward because you have no idea how to take them.

    19. And in the rare event you do start ~feeling~, you barely recognise yourself.

    do you ever start crying about something & then the next day you get your period and you're like I knew I wasn't a weak ass bitch cause same

    20. All in all, you're just not an overly emotional person, and you've come to accept that.

    21. So you'd rather just leave all the feeling to the people who are good at it.

    22. And perhaps that's for the best.

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