27 Jokes That Will Make Sense To Anyone Slightly Obsessed With Makeup

    "How to perfect the natural, no makeup look. Step 1: you will need these 27 cosmetic products."

    1. This eyeliner struggle:

    2. This compliment:

    3. This totally appropriate inquiry:

    4. And this one:

    5. This everyday eyebrow problem:

    6. And this very real difference:

    7. This ridiculously vague statement:

    8. And this pretty idiotic one:

    9. This great start to every great friendship:

    10. This accurate portrayal:

    11. This proof that life has a whole new meaning when you're a makeup addict:

    12. And this sign that sometimes the two worlds do intertwine:

    13. This painful experience:

    14. This unfortunate mishap:

    15. This unnecessary attack on your bank account:

    16. And this hilariously true observation:

    17. This well-practiced routine:

    18. This blatant lie:

    19. This frustrating reality check:

    20. This confirmation that your bathroom light and sunlight are *not* the same:

    21. This irrefutable evidence of your priorities:

    22. This warning:

    23. This glorious sight:

    24. And this promise that it only gets better:

    25. This proof that "natural" isn't really "natural" at all:

    26. This interpretation:

    27. And this perfect depiction: