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26 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Actually Assholes

It's all love until they shit on your pillow. H/T: Cat-Shaming and Cat Shaming UK.

1. This cat who has no consideration for other animals.

2. This cat who can't keep his paws to himself.

3. This cat who doesn't give a fuck about you or your possessions.

4. This cat who had a pretty wild 15 minutes.

5. This cat who's totally chilled out and definitely not on drugs at all, like, honestly.

6. This kitten whose cuteness makes her even more of a sneaky motherfucker.

7. This cat who does what he wants, where he wants.

8. This cat who doesn't give a shit how expensive chargers are because they're tasty AF.

9. This cat who makes no apologies for the way he keeps hydrated.

10. This cat whose idea of a joke is acute blindness.

11. This cat who's the reason why we can't have nice things.

12. This cat who knows nothing about personal space and hygiene.

13. This cat whose face screams "fight me, I'm an asshole".

14. This cat who has been planning his revenge from the start.

15. This cat who has absolutely no chill whatsoever.

16. This cat whose bowels are way more important than your shitty slippers.

17. This cat who's a self-confessed asshole.

18. This cat who doesn't give a damn how exhausted you are.

19. This cat whose assholery needs no words.

20. This cat who is such an asshole that the entire neighbourhood cowers in fear.

21. This cat whose only dream is boobs.

22. This cat who just wanted a night in with the guys and doesn't understand what your problem is.

23. This cat whose lactose intolerance won't stop him.

24. This cat who looks fear dead in the face, then destroys everything you own.

25. This cat who's pissed she wasted her artistic talent on you.

26. And this asshole who gives "nothing is sacred" a whole new meaning.

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