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    Posted on Mar 22, 2017

    A Very Important Investigation: Is DJ Khaled's Mum Actually DJ Khaled?

    A Very Serious Investigation™. (H/T @KYOxJIN.)

    Hello internet, it's me – Gena. I, like many people, take great pleasure in seeing the ridiculously extra things DJ Khaled does for his son, 5-month-old executive producer Asahd.

    @DrakoTsunami / Via Twitter: @DrakoTsunami

    Especially when it comes to commenting on his son's Instagram page, a page DJ Khaled probably set up for him, because, you know, babies can't use phones*.

    Asahd Khaled / Via


    But just the other day I came across a startling discovery, courtesy of this post by Twitter user @KYOxJIN. DJ Khaled's mum does the exact same thing for DJ Khaled!

    Or does she?

    Never afraid of a little ~investigation~, I decided to delve deeper into this mind-boggling mystery and see if what the people were saying was true. Was khaled.fifi, aka DJ Khaled's mum, actually DJ Khaled in disguise?

    Let's investigate the evidence, shall we?


    The one thing we do already know is that DJ Khaled is a stealthy social media user. In fact, his use of Snapchat in 2015 was pretty remarkable.

    DJ Khaled / djkhaled305 / Via Twitter: @haboonnur

    We would never have known the keys to success without him.

    So remarkable in fact, he even collaborated with Palmer's to make a special edition of Cocoa Butter.

    My special edition @djkhaled cocoa butter is here and I'm still so glad I made this purchase 😂🔑 #livelifesmooth

    I didn't even know this was an actual goal of mine until I found out.

    Which means Khaled has a very good knowledge of what will make the internet talk, laugh, and share his stuff. In fact, in March 2016, Bloomberg reported that Khaled's snaps attracted 3-4 million viewers each.

    Twitter: @MoFaye_

    Major fucking key indeed.

    Khaled has built up a fanbase as the King of Low-Key Doing Too Much, which would explain why people love his very extra (but also very cute) impersonations of Asahd.

    And of course, his comments.

    Asahd Khaled / Via Twitter: @IsimaOdeh

    DJ Khaled asking Asahd to send him a video that was actually posted by DJ Khaled posing as Asahd. The internet is wild.

    So, it's clear Khaled is no stranger to posing as people on social media, and of course, the success of his previous extraness would give him *motive* to impersonate his mum. But what about these supposed Mama Khaled comments, hmm?

    **delves even deeper**

    Here is a DJ Khaled comment on Asahd's Instagram.

    Asahd Khaled / Via Twitter: @Hi_Im_Brittney

    Both the caption and the comment are effectively DJ Khaled, so bear that in mind.

    Here is a khaled.fifi comment on DJ Khaled's Instagram.

    Let's do a little comparison:

    Asahd Khaled / / BuzzFeed

    It appears there are a few similarities, namely the intense praise and pride, and the use of capital letters for maximum emphasis.

    What about another:

    Asahd Khaled / DJ Khaled

    Here the repetition of "bless up", as well as the indiscriminate shout of ASAHD KHALED, make for some suspicious evidence.

    Even more suspiciously, when you click on the account, it's of course private.

    Is it DJ Khaled HIDING??????????

    We The Best / Via

    (Listen, stranger things have happened.)

    1. The evidence unfortunately appears inconclusive. There is definitely *someone* behind this account, who may or may not be Mrs Khaled herself, but if it's not DJ Khaled doing it for bants, then WHO?!

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    The evidence unfortunately appears inconclusive. There is definitely *someone* behind this account, who may or may not be Mrs Khaled herself, but if it's not DJ Khaled doing it for bants, then WHO?!
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      It's definitely DJ Khaled, he would 100% do that.
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      It's probably some random on the internet.
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      It could actually be Khaled's mum.
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      I either don't know or don't care, either way I'll probably tell you in the comments.

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