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19 Instagrams You Should Follow If You're Slightly Obsessed With Pretty Handwriting

Say yes to penmanship porn.

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1. Seb Lester

Instagram: @seblester

Lester is a designer and artist, and one of the highest-profile calligraphers in the world. He's developed typefaces for some of the world's biggest companies and posts daily calligraphic updates on his Instagram, which you can find here.

2. José Naranja

Instagram: @jose_naranja

Spanish author and notebook-maker Naranja has an Instagram perfect for those who appreciate the art of a beautifully written notebook. Filled with snapshots of the pages he's written, his account is sure to give even the neatest writers handwriting goals. And if you'd like to see it IRL for yourself, you can buy his book, The Orange Manuscript, for a small fee of 285 euros.

3. Gail M

Instagram: @the_md_writes

Describing herself as a "student of calligraphy and penmanship", Gail M has over 27,000 followers watching her every handwriting move over on her Instagram. Follow for deeply satisfying videos of brush calligraphy.

4. Anna Laschka

Instagram: @_annalala_

Laschka is a self-confessed pen addict and lover of lettering, based in Munich. Her Instagram is filled with bright colours and punchy quotes, and you can even purchase some of her best work at her Etsy store, LetterBakery.

5. Taylor B

Instagram: @tbcalligraphy

Taylor B's Instagram specialises in expert brush lettering and vibrant watercolours, complete with videos to show you just how she did it.

6. Elizabeth Gray

Gray is a self-taught letterer, whose Instagram features beautiful handwriting on both paper and iPad. Check out her video of how to do fauxlligraphy here.

7. Tercia Goh

Goh's Instagram is a hand-lettering journey through her life and travels. Not only does she take her journal travelling with her, but you get an insight into her penned thoughts and gorgeous handwriting, too.

8. Dawn T

Instagram: @cre8tivesun

Dawn T's Instagram is simple and classic. If you're looking for a no-nonsense stream of pretty colours and even prettier handwriting, it's the one for you.

9. Jessica Patterson

Instagram: @jesslove_designs

Full of striking hand-lettered home decor, Patterson's Instagram is a sight for sore eyes, and you can buy many of the prints you see there from her Etsy shop.

10. Gladys Yuwono

Instagram: @gladysstories

Featuring classic calligraphy and watercolour, Yuwono's Instagram will make you wish you had even a fraction of her artistic skills. Along with making her own art, she also holds her very own workshops, and you can see snapshots from those events over on her account, too.

11. Jessie Lam

Instagram: @jessierjl

Lam documents her life and travels with her tiny handwritten notes, usually pictured as shown above. For the perfect fusion of calligraphy and photography, look no further than here.

12. Samantha Dion Baker

Instagram: @sdionbakerdesign

Baker's Instagram is largely used to document the pages from her daily sketch journal, which feature phenomenal sketches and glorious handwriting to accompany it. if you're looking for some inspiration for your own sketchbook, look no further.

13. Historian

Instagram: @historian__

If your interests don't stretch much further than admiring some fancy fountain pen work, then Historian's Instagram is the one for you. You'll probably struggle to find anything neater than these notes.

14. Pez & Pencil

Pez & Pencil is a professional designer, illustrator, and lettersmith with an Instagram to match. His posts feature sketch ideas for various logos and designs that will instantly make you want to pick up a pen.

15. Rob Draper

For Draper, anything is a canvas for his next artwork. From baked beans to orange peels, Starbucks cups to bread rolls, follow Rob just to see what random item he'll use next.

16. Janne

Instagram: @mintordinary

If minimalist lettering is more your jam, Janne's account will not disappoint. Not only is she a self-taught letterer, she's also the owner of Mint & Ordinary, a hand-lettering and paper goods studio based in Singapore, where you can buy many of the prints she posts on her Instagram.

17. Aina Laurel Reyes

Instagram: @aina

Every page of Reyes' planner is a small work of art, and she shares this with you on her Instagram. Think your handwriting is neat? Think again.

18. Kara Benz

Instagram: @boho

It's unsurprising that some of the best handwriting comes from the Bullet Journal community putting us all to shame. Benz's account will give you handwriting and organisation goals like you've never imagined, and you can check out her printables and stationery here, too.

19. Lavender Lane Calligraphy

Instagram: @lavenderlanecalligraphy

If you like fine nibs and cursive italic like Jane, her account is the one for you. Featuring her own custom orders and commissions, treat your feed to some classic penmanship porn and thank us later.