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    19 Pictures That Will Remind You How Fucking Weird Ikea Is

    Somewhere, somehow, there is a person still wandering around lost in Ikea.

    1. This ridiculously obvious sign:

    2. This couple who chose to kill two birds with one stone:

    Fair play to them tbh.

    3. This bald hero:

    4. This warning left in one of the pans:

    5. And this warning left in a wardrobe:

    6. This skilled artist who's definitely not drawing your worst nightmare:

    7. This wonderfully romantic Valentine's offer:

    8. This random arrangement:

    9. And whichever monster put this doll in an oven.

    10. This possible miracle and/or murder scene:

    11. This reassuring reminder left in a notebook:

    12. This decoration that goes above and beyond the call of duty:

    13. And this NSFW display:

    14. This terrifying light shade:

    15. This desperate plea not to be bothered:

    16. This portrait that pretty much looks like a butthole:

    17. These superior versions of popular video games:

    Big fan of "Grandma's Auto".

    18. This perfectly professional and appropriate passage found in a display book:

    19. And this spontaneous surprise:

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