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If Disney Movies Were Way More Accurate And Badass

"Give me my fucking shoe, you creep."

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

After gallivanting in the woods, picking flowers and the like, Snow White comes across across seven dwarves.

"Come be our maid! We'll look after you!" they cry.

"Fuck off," she replies.

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

At the touch of his lips, Aurora awoke suddenly. "Hello! I said, 'I'M SLEEPING!'"

Turns out sleeping doesn't equate to consent, Prince Phillip.

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"Erm, can you give me back my fucking shoe?" said Cinderella. The prince stepped back, astonished. No one had ever turned him down before.

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

Belle twirled with the Beast all night, telling him of all the hideously misogynistic things she'd heard at the market that day from Gaston.

"'Women shouldn't read,' he said, 'they'll get ideas.' Ha, what a prick," Belle said.

"That he is," the Beast agreed.

"We'll get on to your problematic ass later," she replied.

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

Ariel sat next to the prince and took a deep sigh.

"So, look, I'm not giving up my voice," she said.

"But why?" he asked, confused. "We could have a happy life together. You, me, and your silence."

Ariel raised her eyebrows: "Do you see me?! I'm a motherfucking mermaid! I don't need you!"

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

Tiana looked longingly from her balcony, thinking of all the money she'd made from her fabulously successful restaurant. Suddenly, her dreams of success were interrupted by a frog, who hopped on to the balcony to join her.

Frog: Kiss me!

Tiana: No.

Frog: I said, kiss me!

Tiana: No.

Frog: KISS ME!

Tiana: *flicks frog off balcony* Idiot.

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"Hold it up high, honey," said Megara. She mumbled quietly: "'Cause I sure won't."

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"Wait, if you're not marrying me, then where the hell are we going, Jasmine?" asked Aladdin.

"To a mystical land where women get to choose when and who they marry, and men have absolutely nothing to do with it," said Jasmine.

"Oh..." replied Aladdin, disappointedly. "That doesn't sounds like fun to me."

"Tough shit, Al, button up and enjoy the ride."

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"Mulan! Mulan!" cried Mushu. "We're in great danger! Only a man can save us!"

"I can do it!" said Mulan, confidently.

"No, they need a man!" Mushu replied. "Here's a great idea – maybe you should dress up as a man! Then everybody wins!"

Mulan fell silent and began to slowly pack up her clothes.

"M-Mulan?" said Mushu. "Where are you going? We can't do this without you!"

"Exactly," said Mulan. "RIP you."

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"What are they all looking at, mama?" asked Nala.

"They're worshipping the penis, darling," answered her mother.

"Is that why we have little to no screen time, barely any narrative significance, and shit-all to say?"

"Yes, sweetheart. Yes."

Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

"You think the only people who are people," sang Pocahontas, hair blowing gently in the wind. "Are the people who look and think like you..."

"Hey!" interrupted John Smith. "That's not true! Let me explain something to you, little m-"

"JFC, John, have you not heard a word of my bloody song?!"

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