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Here's What YouTubers Have To Say About Mental Health

"Mental health is just as valid as physical health is. Just because you can't see this illness doesn't mean it's not there."

1. Laura Lejeune

For help understanding: Various mental health topics

Laura Lejeune’s YouTube channel is dedicated to spreading awareness about various mental health issues, from self harm and managing anxiety at university to living with an eating disorder. She also collaborates with several other mental health vloggers in an aim to tackle misconceptions on topics such as PTSD, Multiple Personality Disorder, and Tourettes.

2. Grace Victory

For help understanding: Depression, disordered eating, self-harm

Grace Victory is predominantly a fashion and beauty vlogger, but she has been very open about her struggles with body image, self-harm, and depression. She also has a blog where she details her experiences and offers advice too.

3. courtneypants

For help understanding: Disordered eating, anxiety, trichotillomania

Courtney’s videos are an amalgamation of her own musings, cooking and food advice, comedy and more. Amidst her unicorn obsession, Courtney has vlogged about her own experience with an eating disorder, as well as trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder which involves pulling out one's hair.

4. LikeKristen

For help understanding: Seasonal Affective Disorder, self-harm, anxiety, disordered eating, depression

Kristen’s channel focuses primarily on mental health and recovery support. On it, she vlogs about mental health awareness and educates others on various topics on the subject, including tips to cope and advice for recovery. She also collaborates with other mental health YouTubers to help dispel misconceptions around mental illnesses.

5. Jonny Benjamin

For help understanding: Schizoaffective disorder

In addition to his channel, where he speaks about his experience living with schizoaffective disorder, Jonny also works as a mental health advocate, sharing the things he’s learned from having a mental illness. A large portion of his videos fall under “Recoverlogs”, in which Jonny documents his journey and road to recovery.

6. Jouelzy

For help understanding: Anxiety

Jouelzy’s channel is all about “celebrating the versatility of smart brown girls” and discussing cultural topics that impact women of colour. While she doesn’t claim to be a medical professional, Jouelzy has been clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and has offered "advice and tips" on how she copes in her #SmartBrownGirl series.

7. Kati Morton

For help understanding: Various mental health topics

Kati Morton is a licensed therapist who describes her channel as a safe place to talk about mental health. By addressing all topics associated with mental illness, Kati aims to create a safe community, inform others, and end stigma. Topics she has discussed include psychosis, bipolar disorder, and dermatillomania.

8. Zoella

For help understanding: Anxiety, panic attacks

Although Zoella is chiefly known for her fashion and beauty vlogs, she has also been open with her struggles with anxiety. Having suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since the age of 14, Zoella has made videos documenting her experience and offering advice on both her channel and blog.

9. Depression to Expression

For help understanding: Depression, anxiety

Scott at Depression to Expression focuses his channel on the discussion around depression and anxiety, and shares the things he’s learned throughout his own journey dealing with those illnesses. His videos include mental health Q&A sessions, interviews with other YouTubers, and ways to reduce anxiety.

10. idranktheseawater

For help understanding: Various mental health topics

Melissa is a mental health blogger and discusses topics such as Tourette's, suicide, ways to avoid self-harm, and eating disorder recovery. Her videos detail her own experiences, and what she learned from her time in therapy, as a way to help others.

11. Hey Fran Hey

For help understanding: The importance of mental health in general

Hey Fran Hey vlogs largely about DIY beauty, natural hair care, nutrition, and fitness, but she also has a segment focusing on “Mental & Emotional Hygiene”. In one of her videos, she explains her inspiration for starting this mental health component of her channel was due to her relationship with her mother, and stresses the importance of opening up about your experience.