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12 Pictures That Prove Drake Will Not Rest Until He Loves Every Living Thing

Find someone who looks at you the way Drake looks at everyone.

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As we’re all aware, Drake has a reputation for being a pretty loving guy.

I want someone that looks at me the same way Drake looks at Steph Curry

It’s just his thing. He just loves love.


But Twitter user jr smiff made an interesting and mind-blowing discovery. Drake isn't just in love with Rihanna. He's in love with everyfuckingbody.

"Drake look so in love with Rihanna" Drake look in love with everybody he ever took a picture with calm down

So let's take a look at the evidence, shall we?

1. Obviously there's Rihanna. Here he is, sniffing her ear and clearly falling in love with her odour.

2. This embrace between Nicki and Drake shows he's a tender lover – the kind of lover who matches his T-shirt with your hair. The kind of lover who gently kisses you on the eyebrow, just to make sure you're OK.


3. Here he is praying to a higher power, hoping that Chris Bosh will accept his hand in marriage.

Mike Ehrmann / Getty

It's not quite clear if Chris is into it, but whatever, Drake is happy.

4. And just observing Drake looking at Will Ferrell with nothing but love in his eyes will make you feel like you're intruding on something incredibly intimate.

5. Here's Drake being blessed by the sweet kiss of Skylar Diggins. He has the face of a man who knows his life will only get better from this point onward.

6. And here he is again, hugging Kobe Bryant and giving a knowing smile to his friends that says "yeah, we in love, what about it?"

7. Drake is so in love with Future that he's willing to laugh at his god-awful jokes.

Prince Williams / WireImage

Just look at the guy in the middle, who's clearly about to say: "Why you laughing tho? That shit wasn't funny..."


8. And here he is again lovingly caressing his new pal Kevin Durant, and showing him off to the world.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

Only a man with love in his heart would place a tender hand on the small of your back.

9. Look how excited Drake is to see Aziz Ansari, much like a lover would be after spending time away from their partner.

11. They say people touching their earlobes is a sign of love and affection. Tell me, what is Drake doing while looking longingly at Vivek Ranadive?

12. And Drake wants Brian McKnight to know he's in love with him so much, he's yelling "BUT I LOVE YOU! WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?!" at his face.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

🎵 One, this is Drake's dream come true. Two, he wants to be with you. 🎵

As the evidence would suggest, there is no one person Drake will not love. His heart is big. His eyes, full of longing.

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