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12 Pictures That Show The Difference Between Doing Your Hair As A Black Girl And Doing Your Hair As Everyone Else

That's why our hair's so versatile – it's full of secrets.

1. Getting your hair done by your mum as a child:

Georgerudy / Thinkstock

Getting your hair done by your mum as a black girl:

2. Straightening your hair for the first time:

Kaushal Beauty / Via

Straightening your hair for the first time as a black girl:

Twitter: @____kimmie

Who can possibly forget their first experience with the hot comb?

3. A trip to the salon:

Universal Pictures

A trip to the salon as a black girl:

Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

And about 3 – 8 hours of your time.

4. Sitting under the dryer:

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Thinkstock

Sitting under the dryer as a black girl:

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: Cocoa.Butter

5. Sleeping after getting your hair done:


Sleeping after getting your hair done as a black girl:

Jen Lewis / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: Cocoa.Butter

It's likely you'll be complaining about how tight your hair is for at least a week after getting your braids done.

6. Washing your hair at home:

Screen Gems

Washing your hair as a black girl:

Make sure you set aside the best part of a day and every hair product you have, because these are several hours you will never get back.

7. Using conditioner:

Gpointstudio / Thinkstock

Using conditioner as a black girl:

Of course, you run out of conditioner wayyyy before you run out of shampoo.

8. Styling your hair post-wash:

Styling your hair post-wash as a black girl:

@westafricanbaby / Via

Behold, the magic of shrinkage.

9. Using a hair product "sparingly":

Using a hair product "sparingly" as a black girl:

Black people when they're told to use a "dime size" amount of hair products

10. Owning a comb:

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

Owning a comb as a black girl:

Thinkstock / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

There's a comb for every occasion.

11. Wearing hats:

Warner Bros

Wearing hats as a black girl: / PRUDENCIOALVAREZ / Thinkstock

12. Getting ready for bed:


(Unlike Kim, you'd probably take your makeup off first.)

Getting ready for bed as a black girl:

Twitter: @qweenpush


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