23 Things That Look Like Chocolate And Chocolates That Look Like Things

    For everyone who's well and truly in love with the cocoa.

    1. This chocolate breakfast AKA the best way to start off anyone's day.

    2. These chocolate avocados that scream health.

    3. This white chocolate skull, which you might feel a tad weird about eating.

    4. These chocolate-shaped digital camera keychains, which are too cute to resist.

    5. These chocolate chip cookie pillows, which you can lie on while you have your sweet dreams.

    6. These hair slides, which look good enough to eat.

    7. This chocolate flavoured lip balm.

    8. This chocolate molecule necklace that will indulge both your scientific and sugary needs.

    9. This perfect poster to place in your kitchen.

    10. This cute Nutella pin.

    11. This chocolate pizza made to share.

    12. This chocolate periodic table coaster set.

    13. This much-improved version of Noughts and Crosses.

    14. These chocolate brownie tea lights to keep your room smelling sweet.

    15. This chocolate donut cushion.

    16. These adorable Nutella earrings.

    17. This chocolate magic star bracelet.

    18. These miniature chocolate books.

    19. This reminder to put up in your home.

    20. These chocolate chip friendship necklaces for all friendships based on the important stuff.

    21. This birthday card that knows your deepest thoughts.

    22. These biscuit-shaped chocolates that merge your favourite sweet treats.

    23. And this mug that speaks only the truth.