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21 Food Observations That'll Make You Say "Fuck, That's So True"

You will ALWAYS use more garlic than you need.

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1. This is what happens when you cook spinach:

2. You'll never get the perfect amount of pasta.

How to cook the perfect amount of pasta: 1. Pour out how much you think you need 2. Wrong

3. Avocados are incredibly temperamental.

Avocado: not ripe Avocado: not ripe Avocado: not ripe Avocado: I'M RIPE NOW Avocado: okay you were in the bathroom so I rotted

4. Appetisers are the work of a genius.

Whoever thought of appetizers was literally like "we should pregame this food w more food" and I think that's really beautiful

5. You will inevitably use more garlic than you need.

How much garlic recipes call for vs how much I use

6. Grated cheese is one of the easiest things to get carried away with.

Parmesan Sir? "Yes please" Say when. *Grates Parmesan* Sir? "..." *Grates fingers* SIR? "..." *Grates entire hand* Please...I have a family.

7. Your dipping style drastically changes with age.

eating salsa as a kid vs eating it now

8. Most relationships are based around one important decision.

90% of a relationship is figuring out where to eat

9. It doesn't get any worse than this:

geothebio / Tumblr / Via

10. Pizza crust is of the utmost importance.

11. You can't unsee this detail about quinoa once you see it.

ok but why does quinoa look like a bowl of tiny condoms

12. Finding a chunk of cookie dough is borderline erotic.

angryladies / Tumblr / Via

13. A single vegetable can change your life.

me after eating one piece of broccoli

14. Unbranded sandwiches are unreasonably suspicious.

Does anyone else actually have nightmares about unbranded rogue corner shop sarnies like this?? Who made it?? Who B…

15. It’s way easier to get your daily recommended amount of crisps.

funny how 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day seems impossible but 6 packets of crisps & 4 packs of biscuits in 1 sitting is no challenge whatsoever

16. Everyone’s eaten some of this:

ever just said "fuck it" and ate the paper too? 😂

17. Fish fingers are a food of the people.

I hate when I see fish fingers on the kids menu why is it for kids they're for everyone

18. Biscuits belong anywhere EXCEPT the biscuit tin.

Why are there biscuits in the sewing kit tin?

19. Potato smileys are an oddly patronising food.

Hate these wee pricks , actual sit on yer plate n laugh at ye cos yer dinner is shite

20. There’s something weirdly invasive about fortune cookies.


21. And your debit card is probably judging you.

Bitch you eating again ?!!! -my debit card