Red Lobster Finally Responded To The Beyoncé Lyric And It Was Pretty Awful

You had ONE JOB, Red Lobster. ONE JOB.

1. As you may already know, Beyoncé just released her new single and video for “Formation”, and has officially succeeded in making the world a better place.

2. Among the many incredible lyrics in the song, one lyric stood out as the opportune moment for a certain casual dining restaurant to take the limelight.

3. Because suddenly everyone was really fucking interested in some Red Lobster.

6. Even the lobster had something to say.

Crustacean pictured is not the real spokeslobster of Red Lobster.

7. Naturally, after being mentioned by Queen Bey herself, many people were anxiously awaiting Red Lobster’s response, acknowledging their new found fame.

red lobster social media team deciding on the next tweet.

— Sean. (@Seantaneous)

11. And what, eventually, did they reply?

12. Let’s take another look at that tweet, shall we?


13. Unsurprisingly, people were very disappointed in Red Lobster’s eight hour effort to produce a fire tweet.

17. Southwest airlines, who weren’t even mentioned in the song, even managed to upstage them.

Although not that much better.

18. Needless to say, it was a greatly missed opportunity and it will remain a mystery which CEO thought it was a good idea not to include a pun on “Beyscuits” in that tweet.

Bey leaning out the car as she pass Red Lobster just to let them know she ain’t coming in

— Ireezy III (@ira)

Maybe next time, Red Lobster, maybe next time.

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Gena-mour Barrett is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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