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23 Euphoric Experiences For Anyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With Makeup

Why is watching other people put on makeup so goddamn satisfying?

1. When you finally peel your fake eyelashes off after a long day.

2. When you first step into a makeup store and absorb all of its wondrous beauty.

3. When you buy a new eyeshadow palette and all the pretty colours glisten in the light.

4. Or when you open a shiny new lipstick for the first time.

5. When you get your eyebrows just perfect.

6. And your arch is wonderfully complemented by your highlight.

7. When your false eyelashes go on exactly how you want them to.

8. And when someone confuses your natural eyelashes for being fake.

There are my REAL eyelashes. Waddup thou. 😝

9. When you're both grossed out and incredibly satisfied by the amount of makeup that comes off on your makeup wipe.

When u look better on a makeup wipe than real life?

10. When your contour is a thing of absolute beauty.

11. When you reorganise your makeup collection and marvel at its tidiness.

12. And your products seem so right for each other.

13. When you purchase a brand-new makeup bag to hold your most prized possessions.

14. When a lipstick is flawlessly matte.

15. And it stays put, even after eating and drinking.

16. When you experience the oddly relaxing feeling of watching a makeup tutorial.

17. When you use a brand-new makeup brush and feel its fresh, untainted bristles against your skin.

18. Or when you clean your makeup brushes and feel especially productive.

19. When you manage to apply your lipstick precisely within your lip line first time round.

20. When you replace a liquid eyeliner and the new tip is extra pointy.

It just screams "precision".

21. And your winged eyeliner turns out exactly how you want it to.

22. When you recover a makeup product that you thought you'd lost.

I thought all my makeup got lost and now that it's back I am never letting it out of my sight. #priorities

23. And when someone compliments your makeup and your hard work is rightfully recognised.