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    21 Things British People Do That Are Pretty Fucking Weird To Everyone Else

    Saying "I'll put the kettle on" at the slightest sign of trouble.

    1. Chanting "DOWN IT! DOWN IT!" during any drinking game that requires someone to finish their drink.

    Stephen Train / Flickr: mrtea / Creative Commons

    2. Eating a Colin the Caterpillar cake at every children's birthday party.

    Ben Sutherland / Flickr: bensutherland / Creative Commons

    A tradition that, if there were any justice in the world, would continue into adulthood.

    3. Gathering in an overly crowded park or someone's back garden to watch fireworks on Guy Fawkes' night.

    4. Saying "I'll put the kettle on" at the slightest sign of trouble.

    Getty Images / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    There's very little a reassuring cup of tea won't fix.

    5. Or "can I come in your suitcase" whenever someone mentions their holiday.

    Are you even British if you don't say "let me come in your suitcase" when anyone you know is off on holiday

    6. Immediately finding a park to drink in as soon as you see the sun.

    7. And persevering with a BBQ in the rain because the weather report said it was going to be sunny.

    Grayskullduggery / Flickr: grayskull / Creative Commons

    8. Eating a drunk kebab or chicken and chips at the end of a night out.

    StefZ / Flickr: stefz / Creative Commons

    It's a going out tradition, for sure.

    9. And eating a full English breakfast the morning after.

    Michelle Makar Parker / Flickr: michellemakar / Creative Commons

    And genuinely believing that it will cure your hangover.

    10. Eating mince pies for the entire month of December while not even being 100% sure if you actually like them or not.

    Markgillow / Getty Images

    You just accept that you must eat them for the good of Christmas.

    11. Watching an outrageous pantomime at Christmas with various celebrities you'd almost forgotten about.

    And shouting "HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!" at the stage.

    12. Pissing off to a random party resort with a group of your mates as soon as you've finished your exams.

    13. Drinking this exact drink at uni.

    All hail the snakebite.

    14. Ditching everything as soon as you hear the sound of an ice cream van.

    Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

    15. And nine times out of 10, ordering the same thing.

    16. Drinking wine from a plastic glass as soon as you board a train journey that's longer than 45 minutes.

    17. Periodically falling in love with childhood TV characters that are actually kind of terrifying.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    Can literally anyone explain Mr Blobby?

    18. And being wildly entertained by gameshows with the ODDEST premises ever.

    Studio Lambert / Channel 4 / Via

    Yep, Naked Attraction is a dating show where you choose your partner by looking at their naked body.

    19. Complaining about the weather NO MATTER WHAT because it's oddly therapeutic.

    Hannah Hillam / BuzzFeed

    20. Responding with "oh, go on then" to any treat that you "really shouldn't".

    Getty Images / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    21. And completely and totally NAILING the art of passive aggression at any given opportunity.

    Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

    It's what Brits do best.

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