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21 Comfort Foods That British People Crave Constantly

There's no such thing as too much butter on a crumpet.

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1. A proper roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Swimming in gravy, of course.

2. And a healthy portion of Yorkshire puddings to go with it.

Browned to perfection and crispy as hell.

3. A bacon butty with brown sauce.

Also known as a bacon sarnie or regular bacon sandwich, either way it's salty heaven.

4. Or, even better, a delicious crisp butty.

Add crisps to any sandwich and you have a simple, yet effective addition to an otherwise delectable snack.

5. Warm apple crumble and custard (heavy on the custard).

Preferably homemade, and with shop-bought custard straight from the carton.

6. A generous helping of beans on toast.

Arguably the best toast topping there is.

7. Made even better if the beans are mixed with cheese.

There's nothing more comforting than watching the cheese slowly melt.

8. Or poured over a steaming hot jacket potato.

It'll be sure to fill you up in the best way.

9. Snacks that give you a little taste of your childhood.

One bite of a Party Ring and you're reminded why you loved them so much at school.

10. Which of course includes everyone's favourite birthday cake.

Is it really a kid's birthday party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake?

11. Crumpets with an obscene amount of butter.

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Except it's not really "obscene" because everyone knows there's no such thing as too much butter on a crumpet.

12. A sausage roll that's not too hot, not too cold, and perfectly flaky.

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You'd intend to eat one, but probably eat two.

13. Cheesy chips after a night out.

You'll probably have no recollection of it, but that doesn't stop it from being the ultimate drunk comfort food.

14. Pie with lots of mash and gravy.

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15. A giant fry up to keep your hangover at bay.

Preferably from the nearest Wetherspoons or café you can find.

16. A box of Quality Street to nibble on absent-mindedly.

Ideal for accompanying you on the sofa while you sit in front of the TV.

17. Fish fingers sandwiched between two pieces of white bread.

Instagram: @perfect_portions_and_pugs

With ketchup, otherwise it's just not quite the same.

18. Chocolate that you haven't eaten since you were a kid.

(But still tastes bloody glorious.)

19. And desserts that always feel like a treat whenever you have them.

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The 99 Flake is a god among ice creams.

20. A simple Scotch egg.

The best ones are the big ones.

21. And finally, a fresh cup of tea and (at least two) biscuits.

Arguably the most important comfort food of all.