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11 Podcasts You Should Already Be Listening To

From the sidesplittingly funny to the culturally informative.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

1. Melanin Millennials

What it is: Londoners Imrie and Satia talk race, news, and British pop culture in this laid-back, funny podcast. The show is broken up into several sections, including "Melanin Magic", recognising the achievements of women of colour in the community, Afrobates, a debate on a hot topic, and "Side-eye of the Week".

You should listen if: You're a fan of deep, meaningful chats where no topic is off the table, no words are minced, and no one takes themselves too seriously. Although currently on hiatus, this podcast is ideal for a binge listen.

Where to begin: The episode linked above, "I, The Angry Black Woman", features writer, poet, and producer Siana Bangura. In the show, they discuss politics, activism, and even read an excerpt from Siana's book, Elephant.

2. Unarchived History

What it is: Hosted by Micha and Dan, The Unarchived History Podcast is an educational five-part mini series that explores the hidden history of London. It's essential listening for anyone who claims to be a "real Londoner" and if this tickles your fancy, you can also sign up for an Unarchived History tour too.

You should listen if: You're a history enthusiast (or just plain curious), interested in finding out more about what's on your doorstep.

Where to begin: If you're a big fan of Notting Hill Carnival, then look no further than the episode linked above. "Jamming in Notting Hill" examines the area's turbulent past and explains just how Carnival got started. Other areas covered in the series include Camden, Greenwich, and Shoreditch.

3. 20Something Podcast

What it is: Described as the "alternate world of Pro-Blackness", 20-somethings Naomi and Ogaga discuss news, politics, and entertainment in this topical podcast.

You should listen if: You're looking for a great place to get your weekly rundown of what's been happening on and off the internet, as well as stimulating conversation on a range of topics.

Where to begin: Proving they won't shy away from a sensitive topic, Naomi and Ogaga discuss the Brock Turner trial in "Fragile Masculinity and Consent", questioning the failure of the criminal justice system in the case of the sexual assault survivor. They also delve into the complexities of masculinity and explore the limits to which men are allowed to express their emotions in society.

4. Tea & Biscuits

What it is: A hilariously candid podcast hosted by Janice and Sherryl that doesn't hold back and says exactly what you were thinking.

You should listen if: You're looking for raw, unfiltered chat on everything from music to masturbation. Beware of listening on public transport, as it's likely you'll burst out laughing at any time.

Where to begin: Listening to the duo ~tactfully~ explain how Madonna kind of massacred a Prince tribute at the Billboard Awards ("no shade...ish") is the perfect way to give you an insight into the side-splitting humour of the show. Just the first five minutes of "A Pound For A Dildo" will have you chuckling to yourself.

5. Mostly Lit

What it is: A podcast for people who love everything books, literature and everything in between, hosted by Alex and Rai. Listen to them discuss key themes, diaspora reads, and share their quote of the week, all while exploring the intersection of literature and black culture.

You should listen if: You're a bookworm who dreams of finding like-minded individuals to discuss all your favourite books with, and get some excellent recommendations. It's basically an audio bookclub, but with way more laughs, fun, and pop culture references, making it the perfect literary podcast.

Where to begin: Start from one of the earlier episodes, "Was The Film Worth It?", in which Alex and Rai discuss film remakes of popular books. This episode also does a great job at establishing the hilarious rapport between the duo that makes this podcast so enjoyable to listen to.

6. Artistic State of Mind

What it is: A thoughtful discussion between siblings Juliana and Stephen on all things music, film, TV and theatre. Though "different-minded", the two share a love of the arts that makes this an enjoyable listen for any dilettante, all with the exact amount of banter you'd expect from a brother and sister.

You should listen if: You believe in more diversity in the arts scene, more representation and more unique perspectives.

Where to begin: In the episode linked above, Juliana and Stephen are joined by co-hosts of Melanin Millenials and Mostly Lit, Imrie and Alex. Together they discuss the present state of British TV, debate the best British shows of the 21st century, and take a walk down memory lane with their favourite TV moments.

7. The Point

What it is: A podcast where three opinionated friends talk music, tech and social commentary with the occasional guest host.

You should listen if: You're looking for an informative, but light podcast that aims to diversify perspectives and promote intelligent conversation without forcing it down your throat.

Where to begin: Full of compelling arguments and political banter, the episode linked above sees the guys discuss the future of the EU in "EU Referendum". It's just the right amount of serious and unserious, which makes for a pretty enlightening listen.

8. Two Fools Talking

What it is: An entertaining comedy podcast hosted by South Londoners Soulay and Keira. Soulay is a self-proclaimed "Chocolate Brother of the Year", while Keira is "not here for Soulay's shenanigans". Together, the two form a dynamic duo that makes for a hilarious listening from start to finish.

You should listen if: You want to liven up your podcast feed with some casual chatter and great humour.

Where to begin: To be honest, I just love the name of this episode. Two Fools Talking has a ton of great episodes to choose from, but in the episode linked above you can listen to Soulay and Keira talk everything from Chem sex to a curious dream about Soulay's nether regions.

9. Sistren

What it is: A podcast that's straightforward and to the point, hosted by Vanessa, Michelle, and Stephanie. Listen to the three friends talk candidly about an array of topics, from worst dates to nudes, and prepare to laugh out loud at their "no holds barred" approach. When you're done listening, you can also check out Vanessa and Michelle in Ackee and Saltflsh, a web series created by Cecile Emeke.

You should listen if: You want to listen to an open and honest chat between friends and feel as if you're in on the conversation too.

Where to begin: The most recent episode of Sistren on "Dating" is a great place to start, since it's full of funny anecdotes that you'll surely relate to. However, the episode on "Self Love" is equally as important and empowering.

10. Blanguage

What it is: A chill, chatty podcast hosted by Iman and Daniel that "reflects their experiences as young black Londoners" and aims at bringing diverse voices to the mic.

You should listen if: You're looking for a more mellow podcast that covers a range of issues, as well as general chit chat, while still maintaining its relaxed feel.

Where to begin: In the debut episode, Iman and Daniel talk the election of Theresa May, Black Lives Matter, and even share a hilarious anecdote. It's arguably the most political of the three episodes so far and a great introduction to the tone of the show.

11. Ldn Girls

What it is: A conversational podcast with Zainab and Janice, which focuses largely on the black British female experience.

You should listen if: You appreciate stimulating conversation with a fire soundtrack to accompany it.

Where to begin: The episode linked above is a great place to start, since it tackles black British girlhood (a running theme of the show), but episode #3, "Popular culture 'catch up' & Black Women in comedy", is essential listening for anyone who loves talking about funny black women and is a fan of Michaela Coel's Chewing Gum.

Is there a podcast featuring black British voices that should be on here? Let us know in the comments below!

Huge credit to Shout Out Network, home of the most diverse UK podcasts, and without which many of the above would not exist. Check out the network and their shows (Melanin Millennials, Unarchived, Mostly Lit, Artistic State of Mind, and Two Fools Talking) here.