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    14 Books About Your Period That Should 100% Exist

    "Have I bled all over myself or is my butt just sweating?"

    1. For when you're trying to be discreet:

    2. For when you're unsure of where all this anger came from:

    3. For when you're caught off guard:

    4. For when you can't keep track of your bodily fluids:

    5. For when your period crashes the panty party:

    6. For when you're hit with the most annoying false alarm:

    7. For when you're avoiding taking your entire bag to the toilet:

    8. For when you can't seem to learn your lesson:

    9. For when you discover a foreign body in your pants:

    10. For when you're contemplating whether you may actually shit yourself:

    11. For when your period decides to destroy everything in its path:

    12. For when you feel as though you've left a bloody mess behind you:

    13. For when you feel as though you've been on your period for years:

    14. And for when your boobs make you feel as though you have ESPN or something: