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25 Things Only People That Loved Habbo Hotel Will Appreciate

Don't call me that, you bobba!

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1. Habbo Hotel was practically the first Tinder. Except weirder. And with more cartoons.

2. Nothing was more frustrating than having all your attempts to swear being changed to "bobba".

3. So you had to employ more devious tricks to voice your profanities.

4. The realisation that you literally used to spend all your pocket money on Habbo credits and pixellated furniture as a child.


5. But room plans and furniture were VERY important.

And so were the giveaways.

6. This message was proof you fucked up.

7. And this message would make your day.

8. Some romances were unfortunately short-lived.


9. But the weddings were emotional af.

10. When all inhibitions went out the well as spelling.

11. The people whose gall was kind of admirable.

12. The awkward encounters with people that were having a really, really hard time.


13. People that came into YOUR house and had the nerve to sleep in YOUR bed.

14. The cult of babies that wondered around the site.

15. The ingenious idea of using portaloos as transportation devices.

16. The people that took being "whatever you want to be" to a brand new level.


17. When you got tiny glimpses of how weird the site really was.

18. And got ~really~ into their new roles.

19. Habbo was sometimes the ideal place to get a little confidence boost.

20. You probably had your first cyber sexual awakening on the site.


21. Which made it clear that is website really was quite odd.

22. You pretty much had to narrate your entire existence to keep things interesting.

23. And there were definitely a few haters.

24. But who WASN'T addicted to that game?!

Man I feel like the devil was the master behind habbo hotel like WHY was that such an addicting game?

25. It was absolutely amazing.