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    16 Barbies That Are 100% Done With Fuckboys

    Ain't nobody got time for them. Least of all these Barbies.

    1. This Barbie is faking a headache so she doesn't have to stroke her fuckboy's ego right now.

    Integrity Toys / Via

    And that's not the only thing she's been faking in the last couple of months.

    Poor, poor Barbie.

    2. This Barbie knows her fuckboy is telling a bare-faced lie but is gonna let him finish, just because.

    Integrity Toys / Via

    "You're so cute when you think you're in control," thinks Barbie, amused by her fuckboy's simplicity.

    3. This Barbie has decided to do the honourable thing and smile at the fuckboy that just catcalled her...

    Mattel / Via

    ...instead of killing him.

    Because she could. With her bare hands.

    4. This Barbie has just been ordered to smile by a random fuckboy she doesn't even know.

    Integrity Toys / Via

    "How about you fuck off, fuckboy? How about that?" says Barbie, frustratedly.

    5. This Barbie knows her ex, who was a MASSIVE fuckboy, is going to be at the party tonight.

    Mattel / Via

    So she's decided to wear that one dress he told her makes her look like a slut. Because it turns out she looks fucking fabulous in it.

    6. This Barbie is politely listening to a fuckboy brag about how great he is in bed...

    Darlene Helton / Via

    ...which is ironic because Lindsay told her he was terrible. The worst she's ever had. Absolutely horrific. But who is Barbie to judge.

    7. This Barbie has been listening to her fuckboy mansplaining for the last 20 minutes...

    C Healthy People / Via

    ...and she is 1,000% done with his shit.

    8. This Barbie's fuckboy just sent her a fourth unwarranted dick pic this week and he clearly wants a medal.

    Mattel / Via

    "Congratulations, fuckboy!" she cries. "You have a penis! Go you!"

    9. This Barbie is bracing herself for the bullshit after hearing her fuckboy start a sentence with "I'm not a sexist, but..."

    Tabloach Productions / Via

    "No, no, don't mind me," says an exasperated Barbie. "I'll just sit here and listen in silence."

    10. These Barbies just got called lesbians by a fuckboy who was offended that neither of them wanted to dance with him at the club.

    Integrity Toys / Via

    "Firstly, fuckboy, 'lesbian' is not an insult," they say in unison.

    "Secondly, we are lesbians, so well done you."

    11. As he proceeds to advise her on how she should wear her hair, this Barbie is contemplating why she's even still talking to her fuckboy.

    Tabloach Productions / Via

    "Is the dick really worth it?" ponders Barbie. "Is it?"

    12. This Barbie's fuckboy claims he's got an eight-inch and she's not buying it at at all.

    Mattel / Via

    "Oh, really? Eight inches? Sure," says an unconvinced Barbie.

    13. This Barbie knows she's found a fuckboy but still wants to get laid, so...

    Mattel / Via

    ...she's willing to overlook a few things.

    14. This Barbie has had to call in her friends for reinforcement against her fuckboy.

    Integrity Toys / Via

    "Resist the fuckboy, girl, resist him!" they cry.

    15. This Barbie is rejoicing because her fuckboy has just broken things off with her, but not before assuring her she'll "never find a guy like him".

    Mattel / Via

    And she doesn't give a fuuuuuuuccckkkkkk.

    16. Guess what this Barbie doesn't have time for?

    Integrity Toys / Via


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