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24 Ways London Proves Time And Time Again That It's The Weirdest City

All Londoners walk like they could be chased at any moment.

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3. Meeting anyone in central London is damn near impossible, especially if you choose to meet outside a tube station.

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You better hope the exit you chose from the six on offer is the right one.

4. And speaking of the tube, it's possibly one of the weirdest places on earth.

6. There's a never-ending battle between north and south of the river, as displayed by this map of London.

Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed / Via

No one quite knows why, but friendships have literally been ruined over this.

8. And if you live outside of an area served by the tube, your train usually looks like this during rush hour.

London Bridge improved. Train 25 mins late and packed. How is this better

One train every half an hour is no joke.


9. There's actually a difference between the city and the City.

Google Maps / BuzzFeed

The City is the historic financial district, which consists of all the posh buildings and people in the suits. The city of London is fucking massive and there are several disputes about where it actually begins and ends.


20. It's almost impossible to land at an airport in London and not be reminded of the EastEnders opening credits.

Fantastically clear flight landing over the 'Eastenders S' this morning. Could pick out my office and house.

Either that, or you're thinking "Jesus Christ, it's grey".


22. You haven't been to Buckingham Palace unless you've made some sort of joke about spotting the Queen.

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No, you will not see the Queen. No, the joke isn't funny. Yes, you will make it anyway.

24. And possibly most bizarrely of all, one of the best views of London is from a toilet seat.

Instagram: @night

If you happen to take a pee in one of the toilets in The Shard, you and your bare butt can have a stunning view of London city. Enjoy :)