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    13 Animals Who Sadly Did Not Get To Be Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson Of The Year


    If you didn’t know, Sports Illustrated recently named Serena Williams Sportsperson of the Year.

    Yu Tsai for Sports Illustrated

    Yes. Very good. Much slay.

    And some people were not very happy about Serena's new achievement. They were not very happy about this injustice at all.

    Very disappointed to see Sport's Illustrated editors ignored the fans vote, and chose Serena Williams over American Pharoah - Article coming

    Because everyone’s favourite not-even-an-actual-human horse, American Pharaoh, was pipped to the post for the title.

    The Real Winner is on

    Sp. Illustrated got this dead wrong!! AP achieved the impossible & should've won by 20 lengths🐎 Would've given award to Curry before Serena!

    Total BS @SInow @SITimLayden Why have a poll if you totally ignore it? Serena FAILED at winning the Grand Slam. AP once in a lifetime horse

    It’s true, all horses matter, and there were many other animals (who are definitely not people – just to be clear) who weren't given due recognition. So here’s a look at some others who sadly did not make the cut:

    1. This dog, for Contributions to Skateboarding.

    Guiness World Records / Via

    Otto the bulldog set a Guinness World Record for longest human tunnel travelled through by a SKATEBOARDING DOG. Where is his trophy?

    2. This cat, for Expertise in Boxing.

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈 RT @MatthewWrites: I've been in tears for the last 5 minutes! Yoooo😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Look at that right hook. So sporty. Much talent.

    3. This dog, for Most Inspiring Hurdle Attempt.

    4. This bald eagle, for Fight of the Year.

    Time / Via

    5. This kitten, for Competence in Wrestling and Strongest Body Slam.

    100% Sportsperson of the Year worthy.

    6. These dogs, for Exceptional Skill in Whitewater Slalom.

    Linda Bahnson / Via

    7. This horse, for Most Outstanding Method for Avoiding Physical Activity.

    At least put the right horse into the poll.

    Cracking effort. Definitely deserves an award.

    8. This dog, for Distinguished Genius in Competitive Dressage.

    9. This cat, for Scholastic Excellence (and for being called "Bubba").

    10. This pony, for Innovations in Sports Fashion and Design.

    11. This lemur, for Achievements in Long Jump.

    12. Pizza Rat, for Outstanding Effort in the 10,000 metres Steeplechase.

    13. And this dead racoon, for Lifetime Achievement and Longest Funeral in History.

    @311Toronto It’s now after 3 pm and I guess Animal Services hasn’t been by, because someone’s having some fun now:

    Hopefully next year, these well-deserving animals will get the credit they deserve, and not that darn multi-award-winning, Serena.

    We can only hope.

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