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    23 Of The Best Pranks Jim Pulled On Dwight In "The Office"

    Definitively ranked for your pleasure.

    23. When Jim puts Dwight's stapler in Jell-O.


    What happens: In the first of the Jim/Dwight pranks we see, Dwight angrily retrieves a plate of Jell-o with his stapler stuck in it from under his desk.

    Why it's great: Because Jim asks, "How do you know it was me?" while eating a pot of Jell-O.

    22. When Jim tells Dwight the impersonator he hired is the real Benjamin Franklin.


    What happens: Jim hires a Benjamin Franklin impersonator instead of a stripper for Phyllis's bachelorette party and tells Dwight he's the real deal.

    Why it's great: Because of Dwight's scream of confused frustration at the end.

    21. When Jim stacks Pam and Dwight's desks to form "quad desk".


    What happens: Dwight enters the office to see Jim working on a pyramid of desks.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight has to climb underneath Jim to answer his own phone.

    20. When Jim tries to convince Dwight that Dwight smoked weed.


    What happens: Dwight finds a leftover joint in the parking lot and uses his role as sheriff deputy to interrogate the staff about it. In his interview with Jim, Jim somehow convinces him that he smoked the weed.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight looks genuinely concerned for his sanity by the end of the interrogation.

    19. When Jim tricks Dwight into fighting himself.


    What happens: While Dwight is teaching the office how to defend itself, Jim suggests that the only worthy opponent of Dwight is Dwight himself, and asks how he would defend himself against his own strength.

    Why it's great: Because of Pam sipping tea as she watches Dwight beat himself up.

    18. When Jim pretends to be "William M. Buttlicker".


    What happens: Michael decides to mentor Jim and Dwight in how to deliver good customer service. In a role play, Jim takes on the role of "Bill Buttlicker", which throws Dwight off.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight screams "BUTTLICKER, OUR PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER!"

    17. When Jim attaches a 500-foot wire from the back of Dwight’s computer to a telephone pole.

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    What happens: Dwight discovers a mysterious red wire attached to the bottom of his computer that no one else seems to have. He follows the wire all the way out of the office and ends up at the top of a telephone pole.

    Why it's great: Because Jim actually made the effort to climb up a giant telephone pole just to fuck with Dwight.

    16. When Jim and Pam trick Dwight into believing he's being recruited by the CIA.


    What happens: As a Christmas gift to Jim, Pam organises an elaborate CIA prank, which involves sending Dwight secret messages over several months. Although Jim initially doesn't want to take part, he later changes his mind and convinces Dwight to destroy his phone because he's been "compromised".

    Why it's great: Because Dwight's subtle, undercover outfit involves a bright orange hat.

    15. When Jim sells Dwight magic beans at a garage sale.

    NBC / Via BuzzFeed

    What happens: Jim convinces Dwight to trade a $150 telescope for "Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes". Jim pretends to destroy them in front of Dwight but they ~mysteriously reappear~.

    Why it's great: Because of the amount of times Jim corrects "beans" to "legumes".

    14. When Jim convinces Dwight it's Friday instead of Thursday.


    What happens: Dwight thinks it's Friday, so Jim and Pam try to convince him further, causing Dwight to miss work the next day.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight had just been claiming that he'd never been late.

    13. When Jim tricks Dwight into thinking Jim’s hotel room was a murder scene.


    What happens: Dwight and Erin enter his room to find a rope made of sheets hanging over the balcony, a suitcase of money on a chair, and the message "IT WAS DWIGHT" written on the back of the door.

    Why it's great: Because just as Dwight reads the instruction to find "Luwanda at the alcohol club", Jim falls out of the closet, pretending to be dead.

    12. When Jim switches Dwight's suit with a tearaway Velcro version.

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    What happens: After finding out where Dwight gets his clothes dry cleaned, Jim orders the same suit in tearaway Velcro and tears Dwight's suit off in the middle of the parking lot.

    Why it's great: Because of Stanley's laugh and Dwight's pea-green boxers.

    11. When Jim gradually increases the weight of Dwight's telephone.


    What happens: Jim slowly increases the weight of Dwight's telephone handset, then suddenly decreases it, causing Dwight to smack himself in the face with it.

    Why it's great: Because it's also the same scene where it's revealed Jim paid everyone $5 each to call Dwight "Dwayne", tried to convince Dwight he'd committed murder after finding a bloody glove in his drawer, and lied about an abandoned infant in the women's room, causing Dwight to walk in on Meredith on the toilet. He also used a macro so that Dwight's name would change to "diapers", and moved Dwight's desk an inch every time he went to the bathroom.

    10. When Dwight finds all his desk items in a vending machine.


    What happens: Since he's friends with Steve, the vending machine guy, Jim manages to put the contents of Dwight's desk in the office vending machine.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight has to buy his own stuff back with the nickels Jim gives him, since his wallet is stuck in the machine too.

    9. When Jim conditions Dwight to expect an Altoid mint every time he hears a computer chime.


    What happens: Using Pavlov's theory, Jim spends several weeks conditioning Dwight to want a mint every time he hears the computer chime. Every time the computer makes a noise, Jim offers Dwight a mint and he enthusiastically accepts.

    Why it's great: Because Dwight doesn't even realise what's going on until Jim asks what he's doing and he replies, "I don't mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden."

    8. When Jim replaces Dwight's desk and chair with a cardboard version wrapped in Christmas paper.


    What happens: When Dwight arrives to a gift-wrapped desk, he thinks Jim has just gone to the trouble of wrapping up all his belongings in Christmas paper. In fact, everything is made of cardboard, and when Dwight goes to sit down, he falls and destroys the whole thing.

    Why it's great: Because everything is so superbly wrapped that even the audience can't tell it's fake until Dwight practically breaks a buttcheek falling into it.

    7. When Jim convinces Dwight that he's turning into a vampire.


    What happens: After Dwight finds a bat in the ceiling and lets it loose around the office, Jim claims he was bitten by it. He then pretends to burn his hand on garlic bread, touches his teeth as if he's getting fangs, and pretends to get a headache from Angela's crucifix. All of this convinces Dwight that Jim is now a vampire.

    Why it's great: Because the episode was directed by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    6. When Jim and Pam learn Morse code to talk about Dwight in front of his face.


    What happens: In retaliation to Dwight telling Pam to lose her baby weight, Jim and Pam learn Morse code in order to talk in front of him and trick him into thinking there's a bomb in the office. Unfortunately, however, one Reddit user revealed that the actors aren't actually saying anything IRL, rather the Morse code they're speaking is just gibberish.

    Why it's great: Because as soon as Dwight puts his headphones on to ignore the sound of Jim and Pam's clicking, they start blinking their eyes, forcing Dwight to join in.

    5. When Jim tricks Dwight into following fake party customs for his garden party.


    What happens: Dwight thinks he's found a gem when he buys the only copy of The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party by James Trickington, but it turns out he actually bought it off Jim, who wrote this book, and it's full of ridiculous rules about throwing a garden party.

    Why it's great: Because one of Trickington's "rules" was to announce guests as they enter at a high volume, causing Dwight to shout everyone's names, including "Stanley and his mistress".

    4. When Jim sends faxes to Dwight from "Future Dwight".


    What happens: Using a box of Dwight's stationery, Jim sends Dwight messages from himself "from" the future. In a message warning Dwight not to drink the coffee, Dwight slaps Stanley's coffee out of his hand, believing it's poisoned.

    Why it's great: Because Stanley's face is priceless.

    3. When Jim dresses up as Dwight.


    What happens: With a pair of glasses he found in a drugstore and an outfit he bought to match, Jim mimics Dwight, parodying his speaking style and behaviour. This causes Dwight to shout: "Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of familIes suffer every year!"

    Why it's great: Because the scene ends with both men storming off screaming "MICHAEL!"

    2. When Steve takes Jim's place and pretends to have been Jim the entire time.


    What happens: Like all the best Halpert pranks, this one was made even better by how elaborate it was. Not only did Steve (Jim and Pam's actor friend) dress like Jim, claim to be Jim, and know everything about him, everyone else pretended to know he was Jim too. The whole thing was set up so it seemed as though Jim had actually been Steve the entire time, and Dwight had just never noticed.

    Why it's great: Because Jim even swapped his own family photos with pictures of Pam, Steve, and their two children.

    1. When Jim tells Dwight he can't be his bestest mensch.


    What happens: In his final Dwight prank, Jim has taken on the role of Dwight's "best mensch" for his wedding, but at the last minute he backs out because the best mensch has to be older than the groom. He then reveals that he called Michael in from Colorado to be his true bestest mensch, declaring it his "best prank ever".

    Why it's great: Because it was so cute.

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