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There's nothing more exciting than watching a group of women fight, host dinner parties and sue each other....unless you could join in too.

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1. Have a house which people will lust over

2. Just make sure your insults are first class

3. Host parties which blow every other party out of the water

4. Remember it is acceptable to spend $25,000 on sunglasses

5. It doesn't matter if you're late because the party waits for you

6. And when you get to that party expect to see animals

7. But it also helps to have a hidden talent to impress people

8. Failing that, just try to be yourself and make friends

...but not in a creepy way

...but not in a creepy way

9. And make sure you stand out in the title sequence

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10. Just remember not to be too cocky

11. Because that doesn't help you make friends

12. Remember that drinking anytime after lunch is acceptable too

13. So long as you share, of course

14. And don't end up too drunk

15. But if you do, try to stay classy

16. And learn how to work the hair

17. It really is all about the hair

18. You probably will end up in a fight at some point

19. But who hasn't? Just apologise only when necessary

Emphasis on the ONLY and NECESSARY part

20. And, above all, always stay on top of everything

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