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18 Things From The Late '90s And Early '00s That You Totally Forgot About

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1. Experiencing the sound and look of static on TV.

2. Recording your favorite TV shows on a blank VHS.

3. How you couldn't go online when your parents had to make a phone call...

4. But once you did get online...making sure you made the perfect away message for your instant messenger.

5. And how you had to COUNT YOUR MINUTES on a cellphone.

6. How all the fashion in music videos was super futuristic because we were moving to a ~new millennium~.

7. Wanting inflatable furniture even though it was super impractical.

8. The feeling of terror when you saw this screen...

9. How anti-skip protection seemed like the coolest invention at the time.

10. Also being amazed at CD players that had MULTIPLE SLOTS.

11. How your one goal in life was to create the longest snake...

12. When going to the movies meant you had to look up the times in a NEWSPAPER!

13. Just the fact that we could CLONE THINGS.

14. How mass chaos would ensue because computer programmers didn’t think ahead…

15. So we had to install “Y2K-compliant” software...

16. Stock up on nonperishables...

17. And had Y2K-themed parties.

18. IT WAS A TIME!!!

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