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20 Ways You Totally Are An Adult (But Also…Not)

Is anyone ever "fully" an adult? Whether you're adulting to the max or just getting started, GEICO is here to help you save money on car insurance, renters insurance, and so much more. Click here to find out how.

1. You can do your laundry without calling your parents!

2. But you also wait until the very. last. minute. to do any of it.

3. Bills? You pay them on time and everything.

4. And then your bank account is feeling a little empty.

5. You no longer live at your parents' house!

6. But you still stop by every so often for a free meal.

7. You did your taxes…LIKE A BOSS.

8. Did you understand any of the deductions and credits? Maybe not...

9. Even though it probably gave you a lot of anxiety, you made your own doctor’s appointment!

10. It only took you three months to get the ball rolling...

11. You bought yourself a car!

12. But if a flat tire ever happens, your fam's on speed dial.

13. You contribute to your 401(k)!

14. And yet you still have no idea what a Roth IRA is.

15. You actually PAY for your OWN streaming service. WOW.

16. But you're still on your parents' family plan for your phone.

17. You know how to cook meals for yourself that aren't just boxed mac 'n' cheese and ramen...

18. Well, you know how...but sometimes laziness wins over everything.

19. And you've started to become more health conscious.

20. Potatoes are a vegetable right? That means they're healthy.

Keep on adulting!

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