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11 Simple Ways To Clean Your Home This Spring That Won’t Break Your Budget

Who wants to spend their tax return on cleaning supplies? No one! Here are affordable ways to make your home squeaky clean. Did you know that GEICO offers home and renters insurance? See how much you could save by switching today.

1. Get reusable microfiber cloths.

2. Make your own "cleaning erasers" for a fraction of the name brand price.

3. Use white vinegar to clean almost everything!

4. Use white vinegar to clean your bathroom grout.

5. Use it to mop your kitchen floor.

6. And use it to clean to your windows!

7. You can even use vinegar as a natural way to clean a clogged drain.

8. But if you need the big dogs (or it's a clog in your bathtub/shower), you can always get a snake.

9. If you aren't a fan of the smell of vinegar, essential oils are amazing.

10. And you can make DIY cleaning wipes with water, vinegar, essential oils, and rubbing alcohol.

11. But you can't use vinegar for everything.

See how easy spring cleaning can be? Find out how easy saving money on homeowners and renters insurance could be by switching to GEICO!