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11 Useful Tips That Can Help You Break A Habit For Good

Here’s how you can break the habit! Take the pledge this summer to stand against distracted driving and keep our friends and family safe.

1. Practice mindfulness to understand your bad habits and beat them.

2. Set realistic goals and start small.

3. Replace bad habits with healthy ones.

4. Set a reminder.

5. Start a new routine.

6. Reward yourself.

7. Track your progress.

8. Use the buddy system.

9. Avoid triggers.

10. Be patient.

11. Cut yourself some slack.

Learn more about taking a stand against distracted driving! It’s fun and easy.

Simply pledge what type of distracted driving habit you’ll try to break, select an organization that GEICO will make a donation toward, and challenge your friends to drive distraction-free for a good cause.