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12 Useful Charts To Help You With Your Move

These tips and tricks will help your move go off without a hitch! And to make things easier for yourself, take GEICO with you when you move.

1. Estimate how many boxes you'll need:

2. Declutter as much as you can before packing:

3. Gather any items that can double as packing paper:

4. Pack your boxes properly:

5. Use a labeling system (that future-you will thank you for!):

6. Plan out how you’ll load the moving truck:

7. Lift with your legs:

8. Make sure your couch will fit through the doorway:

9. Unpack in an efficient order:

10. Find the proper height for your picture frames:

11. Check to see if you qualify for a tax break:

12. Make sure you’ve changed your address:

Design by Kirby Darland / © Buzzfeed

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