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13 Beautiful Towns In New York That Your Inner Photographer Will Love

These photogenic New York towns will get you all the likes! And switching to GEICO could get you all the savings.

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1. Greenport

The Greenport harbor has a rich history that goes back as far as 1795 and has been named "one of the prettiest towns in the United States." Translation: Get your camera ready 'cause you're heading to Greenport.

2. Canandaigua

You'll never run out of photos to take on Canandaigua Lake, like the riverboats rolling by or adorable boathouses on Canandaigua Pier. This little town is fully ~grammable~.

3. Cold Spring


Cold Spring, New York, boasts a population of 2,013 people, so you know it's tiny. And it's nestled along the east bank of the Hudson River, so you know it's stunning and sure to get you those likes!

4. Cooperstown

Cooperstown is as quaint as they come! You'll be filling your Instagram with Doubleday Field (the birthplace of baseball!), the Cooperstown Lighthouse, and rolling hills that will make you feel like you're in a storybook.

5. Salamanca

This old railroad town bordering the Allegheny River is settled almost completely on an Indian reservation and is about as close as you can get to "picture perfect."

6. Kingston / April Cattell

Fun fact: Kingston was New York's very first capital back in 1777! So whether you're exploring its old historic districts or the nature surrounding it, like the Rondout Creek Lighthouse, you'll have a plethora of beautiful subjects to photograph.

7. New Paltz

Fallbrook / Getty Images

New Paltz lies along Mohonk Lake and will grant you stunning photos of sandstone cliffs, vibrant trees, and Mohonk Mountain House resort nestled along the waterfront. You won't need a filter for this one!

8. Keene

Lukas Schlagenhauf / CC BY-ND 2.0 /

You'll find Keene in the Keene Valley with endless vistas and waterfalls that will take your breath away. Pro tip: Get a stunning view of the Adirondack High Peaks from the top of Hopkins Mountain! Likes will follow.

9. Port Jervis

Laurie Lobbregt / / Instagram: @edgeoftownphotography

Port Jervis is all about location, location, location! You've got the twin valleys of the Neversink and Delaware rivers, the Appalachian Plateau, the Shawangunk Mountains, and two national parks. Needless to say, it's a nature lover's paradise and a photographer's dream.

11. Peekskill

With the Hudson River on one side and Blue Mountain Park on the other, Peekskill is a perfect blend of waterside views, lush green hills, and — if you're there at the right time — beautiful autumn foliage! Your followers will thank you for it.

13. Garrison

You'll want to Instagram every photo you take of Constitution Marsh, a wildlife sanctuary in Garrison, New York. And for photos with a more urban feel, enjoy an amazing view of the West Point Military Academy from across the river!

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