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15 Times When You Totally Blew Your Cover

Being stealthy is hard! Especially if the only way you know how to do it is through Pig Latin. Luckily, the GEICO app is super easy to use! No need to sneak around that.

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1. When you tried to be sneaky with your disguise, but everything went horribly wrong.

2. When your disguise was halfway decent, but your plans were still foiled anyway.

3. When you thought the coast was clear... but it really wasn't.

4. When you jumped the gun a little too soon!

5. When your desire to breakdance overrode your desire to be hidden.

6. When your bae called you out for staring at her food.

7. And when your bae caught you sneakin'.

8. When you were caught playing with something that did NOT belong to you.

9. When you got called out on your PDA.

10. When you got called out for NOT LISTENING.

11. When there definitely was someone staring back at you while you were checking your reflection.

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12. When you got caught snooping in all the wrong places.

13. When you tried to make a smooth exit, but everything that could go wrong did!

14. When you tried to make a smooth exit... and, well, you know.

15. When you tried to be sneaky, but they knew exactly what you were up to.

And when you got caught taking a "discreet" picture of a celebrity. It never works.

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