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15 Times Parents Told The Most Hilarious And Convincing White Lies

These parents get an A+ for creativity! And while their white lies may not be true, here's something you can believe in: It's super easy to switch to GEICO.

We recently asked parents of the BuzzFeed Community for examples of outrageous white lies they've told their children. Here are some of the best responses from parents (and kids who grew up to know better)...

1. Eye can't believe this!

2. Keep calm and don't whine to mom.

3. This gives a whole new meaning to the "zoo..."

4. A chore a day scares the monsters away.

5. For particularly noisy toys...

6. For particularly noisy TV shows...

7. Mother nose best.

8. Snailed it!

9. A different kind of "Santa Con..."

10. The yummiest puzzle.

11. It ain't easy being green.

12. A good excuse for any occasion...

13. We have the receipts.

14. It's a potty in the USA.

15. Doggone it!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length, grammar, and/or clarity.

Would you believe any of these fibs as a kid? Here's one thing you can believe: It's super easy to switch to GEICO.

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