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12 Things You’ll Only Understand If Your BFF Is An Only Child

They basically consider you their sibling, and you can always rely on each other — just like you can rely on GEICO, which has been saving people money for over 75 years.

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1. When you visit their parents' house, you get to see EVERY PICTURE OF THEM THROUGHOUT LIFE EVER.

Courtesy of Casey Cline

They make for some good tbt photos!

2. Speaking of their parents: Whenever your friend has any sort of problem, their parents will drop everything to help them.

Nickelodeon / Via

You are amazed. And kind of jealous, tbh.

3. And if they haven't already called their parents, you are the first person they let know any good news.

It feels awesome to be the first to know!

It feels awesome to be the first to know!

4. When it's national siblings day, they tag you in photos.

And you love it. (Even if it's silly.)
Courtesy of Melissa Rosethal

And you love it. (Even if it's silly.)

5. If your BFF had a pet growing up, you learn all about it... / Via

...because when you have no siblings, your pet IS your sibling.

6. You love going to their birthday parties because they're always AWESOME. / Via

And of course their parents gave them amazing ones as a kid. The tradition has to keep going!

7. If you have a bigger family, your BFF gets really excited to celebrate holidays with them.

8. When you go out for dinner, they get a little testy when you wanna nab a fry.



You just have to remember always to get your own.

9. You learn to understand that your BFF can be really protective of their personal items!


10. They can be a little needy when it comes to hanging out.

Luckily, you love spending time with them whenever!

Luckily, you love spending time with them whenever!

11. But you also understand that they need their space too.


Everyone needs some alone time.

12. But best of all, your BFF thinks of YOU as a brother or sister. And that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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That's how close you are. 👯

But what if your friend found out they WEREN'T an only child?

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Don't fast-forward through this video if you want to find out.