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12 Things You'll Get If You're Thrifty But Addicted To Shopping

The struggle is real. When it comes to car insurance, thrifty folks know where to go to get the best deal. Switch to GEICO and you could save 15% or more on car insurance.

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1. Me: won't waste money on new socks even though they have holes in them.

3. Me: makes a DIY cleaning solution to save money.

4. Me: sells old clothes at a thrift store.

5. Me: scours Craigslist for discount furniture.

6. Me: follows a strict budget for grocery shopping.

7. Me: vows to stop buying coffee out.

8. Me: finds the cheapest possible flight (with a four-hour layover).

9. Me: bails on going to the movies with friends because "I can't spend money right now."

10. Me: refuses to spend 10 cents for a grocery bag.

11. Me: hasn't been to the dentist in two years.

12. Me: refuses to buy new jeans until the hole in the crotch fully tears.

It’s an emotional roller coaster, but you always know how to find a good deal.

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