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13 Things That Have Reached Their Full Potential

Read on, and be inspired to be your best self. GEICO also wants you to achieve your full potential for delight.

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1. These penguins that finally learned how to dress down:

REX USA / PINP / AAT Kings / Spotlight / Rex

2. These cookies that couldn't deal with another small glass:

3. These shoes that don't even need you to walk:

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4. This taco shell that doesn't want you to choose breakfast over lunch:

5. This car that could finally grow facial hair:

Carstache / Via

6. This cat playground that literally takes it to the highest level:

REX USA / Goldtatze / Rex

7. This burger that doesn't believe in the distinction between sweet and savory:

Phil Denton / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / / Via Flickr: flyingsaab

8. These slippers that would never make you choose between relaxation and cleaning:

Jobar / Via

9. This egg that has gone where no egg has gone before:

razvan.orendovici CC BY http://2.0 / / Via Flickr: razvanorendovici

10. This teddy bear that cuddles you and scares the monsters away:

Oriental-beauty / Via

11. This pizza that won't make you choose between your two loves:

Blueag9 / Via

12. This sleeping bag that wouldn't dare stand in the middle of pizza and sleep:

Bfiberandcraft / Via

13. And this body spray that wouldn't even suggest there's a wrong time for pizza:

Just be careful about where you get your motivation.

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