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15 Things Everyone Who Marries Into A Big Family Understands

You went from 0 to 60... cousins, that is. And GEICO could have savings for the whole family. You couldn't be more #blessed.

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5. You barely need to buy anything, you’re so constantly showered with things. All the things. Especially snacks.

6. You think it’s cute when someone gets excited about their new niece or nephew on Instagram, because you now have dozens.

7. Every vacation with your spouse also has the added stress of needing to obtain 1,000 tiny gifts.

8. You could throw a dart at your calendar and almost always land on a birthday / anniversary / special occasion for a new family member.


And you need to remember it all. Thank goodness for Google Calendar alerts.

10. But it’s also tough because, ever since you got married, someone is ALWAYS mad at someone, and you’re always in the middle.

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"Guys, it's not a big deal if we watch The Real Housewives just this one time. We have DVR."

11. Sometimes you wonder what it would be like to have a small family again, but you can’t imagine not having such a full life.

14. And if you want to go somewhere, you always have somewhere to go where you’ll be treated like you’re family. Because you are.

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Especially when there's a theme (but even if there isn't).

Nothing feeds a big family like cold cuts. And nobody knows cold cuts better than this guy.

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