The 15 Most Delightful Things To Happen Ever

Ever. Take it from GEICO, where there’s always a wonderful mash-up of savings and delightful customer service. Get ready.

1. Getting a relaxing massage after a really long day at work.

Level of delight: When an item you really want goes on sale, and you can FINALLY buy it!

2. Randomly remembering a joke and laughing about it to yourself later.

Level of delight: Absolutely acing a test you didn’t study for.

3. Eating pizza for breakfast… just because you can.

Level of delight: You passed a level of Candy Crush without asking anyone for lives.

4. Sleeping in the coziest nook on your bed.

Level of delight: Getting home and finally being able to wear sweatpants.

5. When you see something that’s so cute, it makes you squeal!


Level of delight: A basket full of fluffy kittens.

6. When you get your hair washed at the salon.

Level of delight: Finding out you got upgraded to first class!

7. And when someone massages your scalp.

Level of delight: When you find a song that gives you chills.

8. The moment right before something exciting happens, like Christmas or your birthday.

REX USA/Aki Yamaguchi / Rex

Level of delight: The butterflies in your stomach when you think about your crush.

9. When you get a good night’s worth of sleep and wake up feeling well rested.

REX USA/Paul Sawer/FLPA / Rex

Level of delight: Finding $20 in your pocket unexpectedly.

10. Cuddling with someone you love.

Level of delight: Drinking a warm drink on a cold winter evening.

11. When you tell a joke to a group of your friends and everyone laughs!

REX USA/SplashdownDirect / Michael Hutchinson

Level of delight: Successfully getting to work on time after oversleeping.

12. When you are genuinely surprised by something exciting.

Level of delight: When you find out it’s a snow day on a Friday! THREE-DAY WEEKEND!

13. Finally finishing a project you’ve been working on for a long time!

Level of delight: The feeling you get when you sleep in freshly washed sheets.

14. And then when someone compliments you on your hard work.

Level of delight: Meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in years.

15. And finally, when you take a really good selfie of yourself.


Level of delight: The moment when Instagram likes turn from usernames to a number.

All those likes will make you happier than a camel on Hump Day.

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