The 18 Most Delightful Slow Motion GIFs You’ll See Today

Yooooooooooooouuuuu woooooooooooooon’tttttttt belieeeeeeeeeeeeve hoooooooow cooooooool theeeeeeeeeese GIFFFFFFFFFs areeeeeee. GEICO customer service is a combination of great savings and delightful service, just like these GIFs are a delightful combination of everyday things in beautiful time warps.

1. Check out the fluid spiral of a stream of water escaping a gently moving hose.

2. Or the satisfying pop of a popcorn kernel popping. Like it’s equipping itself for crunchy battle.

3. Two nimble kittens engaged in a friendly tussle, flipping to land on their paws.

4. The chaotic crash of a stick on a cymbal.

5. A splash of water, suspended in the air.

6. Or the explosive snap of a water balloon releasing its contents.

7. The colorful cheesy crack of a Philly cheesesteak being smashed into some paint.

Watch the whole video here.

8. The smash of a lightbulb caught in a mousetrap.

9. Or this Prince Rupert’s drop aggressively exploding shortly after being tapped with a hammer.

10. Or the refreshing splash of a cat landing paws first in a tuft of snow.

11. When knowledge and and a bread-bowl of Boston clam chowder come together (if somewhat forcefully).

Watch the full video here.

12. The spark of a flame being ignited in this tiny lighter.

13. The crunch of this pup catching a treat in his mouth.

14. The crackle of a shattered wine glass.

15. A kitty shaking that water off his shoulders.

16. The scratch of a match catching fire.

17. A sudden collision of crab and computer.

Watch the full video here.

18. And this cat, who doesn’t let height hinder her paw-span.

The only thing more delightful than slow motion GIFs is a slow motion video of two things being smashed together. You’ve seen a few of them already, now watch the whole smashing experience.

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