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13 Reasons Teachers' Jobs Are A Lot Harder Than You Think

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Being a teacher is more than just teaching! It’s a lot harder than you think.

1. Because they have to be lie detectors.

2. Because they have to be mediators.

3. And have the patience of a saint.

4. Because they don’t just clock in nine to five.

5. Because they essentially have to be shepherds.

6. Because they have to be motivational speakers.

7. And entertainers!

8. But they also have to be the cleanup crew.

9. Because one should not have to train themselves to use the restroom only two times a day, but somehow they do it!

10. Because disciplining is no joke.

11. And beyond the standard reading, writing, and arithmetic, their most important class is BE A GOOD PERSON 101.

12. Not to mention all the emotional labor teachers go through when their students are feeling upset.

13. But at the end of the day, it’s so rewarding to be a teacher because they get to be such a big influence on kids' lives! And someday, they might just come back and say, “You really helped me be who I am today."

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