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30 Facts That Will Motivate You To Have A Healthier New Year

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1. Making your bed in the morning can set you up for a more productive day.

2. Playing strategy games like Starcraft can help you make better, more informed decisions in a time crunch.

3. Stress balls aren’t just easy corporate SWAG at conventions; they can help you focus better!

4. Knitting and crafting can reduce stress, lift your mood, and fend off cognitive impairment in the future.

5. Reading novels could help you be a nicer person!

6. Highlighting can be fun, but writing in the margins of books and articles is much better for remembering what's on the page.

7. Coloring is not only therapeutic. When you color, you are working both the right and left sides of your brain at the same time.

8. Smiles are literally contagious! And that's awesome because every time you smile, the brain releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

9. Hit the comedy clubs or a good movie for a laugh because laughing has many similar benefits to meditation.

10. Go pet all the puppers you see, because petting dogs can actually make you a happier person.

11. Snuggle away! Studies show physical contact has a range of positive effects inside and out, including lowering blood pressure and anxiety.

12. Volunteering makes your mind happy and fights against stress, anger, and anxiety while giving back to your community or a larger cause.

13. In 2004, almost half of the respondents in a survey done by "Make a Difference Day" said they felt "volunteering [had] improved their physical health and fitness."

14. Talking to your neighbors is literally good for your heart!

15. Songs with 60–80 BPM are recommended for a good night’s sleep.

16. On the opposite end of the spectrum, listening to music after running can help you recover at a quicker pace.

17. Treat yo' self! Getting a pedi can indirectly help with your circulation, because having "happy feet" will encourage you to get up and move. (We'll take any excuse!) 💃

18. Sitting up straight and maintaining good posture can keep you in a positive mindset.

19. It's more than OK to be alone sometimes. When you are spending quality "me time," you’re more likely to enjoy things instead of focusing on pleasing and agreeing with others.

20. Drop the phone. That FOMO when you’re browsing social media at night can lead to sleep deprivation.

21. Joining intramural teams boosts confidence and physical health while networking in a new circle of friends.

22. Exercising can help you get better sleep at night. And who doesn't love sleep?

23. Setting short-term goals for exercising can motivate you better than huge, long-term goals.

24. If you work out in the morning, eating an apple is better for your energy than a cup of coffee.

25. Watching yourself run on the treadmill through a mirror can help make running easier.

26. Love essential oils? Aromatherapy is an excellent way to relax and de-stress your life.

27. Watching one of your favorite TV shows again can actually help energize you.

28. Eating more greens is not only good for you but better for the environment as well.

29. Hold that BLT — researchers at OSU have discovered a seaweed that is more nutritional than kale and tastes like bacon!

30. Want to try meal prepping this year? Cooking meals at home is a more effective way to lessen your intake of carbs, sugars, and fats vs. eating out. And you'll save money!

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