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13 Movie Facts That Will Make You Feel Ancient

GEICO has been saving people money for over 75 years. That's longer than movies have been made for TV!

1. It's been 14 years since Dory told us to "just keep swimming"! The actor who played the voice of Nemo is now a college student.

Walt Disney Co. / Everett Collection
Showtime / Everett Collection

And fish are still friends, not food.

2. Clueless is 22 years old this year. That's enough time to go through high school five times and then some!

Paramount / Everett Collection

As if?!

3. We first saw the Millennium Falcon escape from Mos Eisley 40 years ago in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope. That's older than George Lucas was when he made the movie.

Lucasfilm Ltd / Everett Collection

But, more importantly, it's when we first witnessed the best bromance in history.

4. It's been 23 years since Simba became king of the Pride Lands, but The Lion King is STILL the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time.

WALT DISNEY PICTURES / Everett Collection

Even crazier? Jonathan Taylor Thomas is now 35 years old! ♪ The circle of liiiiiife ♪

5. Sixteen years ago, we learned that the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in Moulin Rouge. Nicole Kidman has been involved in over 35 movies since.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Everett Collection

But we still haven't recovered. (Satine and Christian forever.)

6. John Connor would be 36 years old today because the T-800 defeated the T-1000 in Terminator 2. He was only 10 years old in the movie.

TriStar Pictures / Everett Collection

Hasta la vista, 1991!

7. Jurassic Park first opened its gates over two decades ago. The word "Google" wasn't even a verb yet.

Universal / Everett Collection
Chance Yeh / Getty Images

And that little kid Tim? He'll be 34 years old this year!

8. Forrest Gump Jr. would now be 29 years old. Robin Wright was 28 when she played Jenny.

Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Twenty-three years later, and life is still like a box of chocolates!

9. E.T phoned home over a quarter of a century ago. And webcams didn't even exist back then!

Universal Pictures / Everett Collection

Nowadays, he would just text.

10. It's been 33 years since the Ghostbusters came to the rescue with their proton packs. There have been six different US presidents in that time.

Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection

Who you gonna call? Still Ghostbusters!

11. Haley Joel Osment first saw dead people in The Sixth Sense 18 years ago. That's older than Mischa Barton was in the movie.

Buena Vista Pictures / Everett Collection
Paul Redmond / Getty Images

He also has a beard now!

12. Sixteen years have passed since Harry Potter received his letter from Hogwarts on the big screen. That's enough time to have attended Hogwarts twice and then some.

Warner Bros / Everett Collection
Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

We're still waiting for our letter...(sort of).

13. In Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox traveled back 30 years. That was 32 years ago...

Universal / Everett Collection

And in Back to the Future II, he traveled to 2015. Mind. Blown.

And you won't believe how old Julius Caesar is...

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