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15 Situations That Won't Make Sense To You Unless You Work In An Office

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1. Mastering the subtle art of "GET OUT OF MY CONFERENCE ROOM!!!!"

2. Not being able to figure out the printer with 900 buttons.

3. Trying to interrupt the other people on a call five times so you can get your "Happy Monday!" greeting in...

4. ...and then not remembering anything they said because you were distracted by something very important.

5. The absolute chaos that ensues when someone emails the company about free food being in the break room...

6. ...and the disappointment you feel when, despite how fast you ran, it’s all gone.

7. Trying to entertain yourself when you don't have much to do.

8. And quickly switching tabs and making it look like you're being productive when your manager walks by.

9. Getting up to leave a spot of the office that's super cold...

10. ...only to move to a spot that's basically 800 degrees.

11. Sending your 100th "Just circling back!" email to an unresponsive person.

12. And getting super anxious when you get a “Can you come to my office for a second?” message.

13. Giving a presentation from your laptop and worrying that something embarrassing will pop up.

14. Trying not to completely lose it when the person next to you pounds away at their keyboard.

15. And the pure shock you feel when you find out two coworkers are dating.

Office gossip sure does travel fast!

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