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15 Products Under $15 That Will Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

You've probably already spent a tidy sum just to get your new place. Why not see how much GEICO could help you save on renters or homeowners insurance?

1. This adorable dog dish towel is sure to give your kitchen some personality.

2. A glam paper-towel holder to jazz up your kitchen.

3. This wooden poster hanger will solve all of your framing woes.

4. Low on space but don't want to give up your plants?

5. Throw in a unique soap pump to give your bathroom some style.

6. What's more important than cute throw pillows?

7. Take your hosting game to the next level with a set of cheese knives.

8. A mail and key holder will simplify your life.

9. You'll need some glasses...

10. These storage bins will keep you organized.

11. These bowl covers are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

12. Are you a cold brew fanatic?

13. These kitchen utensils are sure to have you whipping up haute cuisine in no time.

14. Your sponge needs a home too.

15. Give your walls a chic update with this heart hanging sculpture.

Moving is a stressful time. Take the stress out of insurance by switching to GEICO.

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