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15 Products Under $15 That Will Keep You On Track In 2022

There's still time to set yourself up for success and savings in 2022. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance when you switch to GEICO.

1. A daily tear-off sticky note pad with sections devoted to mindfulness and immediate tasks to stay on top of it all.

A daily sticky note planner with sections for top tasks, appointments, and personal reflection.

2. A chambray address book to have a handwritten backup of all the vital info for the important people in your life.

A light blue address book with gold lettering.

3. For the ambitious, novice chefs, a recipe book to keep track of all the new recipes you may dream up this year.

4. A sectioned acrylic, clear letter holder to keep the important snail mail front and center.

A clear acrylic and gold letter holder.

5. Punctual planners will rejoice for this fill-in-the-date dry-erase calendar to adjust and edit if any events pop up during the month.

A monthly dry-erase calendar with wood accent.

6. From adorable naps to the tiniest of burps, this baby journal will help anyone keep track of all the important details for their newest arrival.

7. A space-saving vertical hanging file organizer to literally sort your life from highest to lowest priority.

A vertical cascading file holder in an office.

8. Log all your expenses with this receipt accordion folder so you can hear the sound of sweet savings come tax season.

Multicolor accordion folder with a variety of tabs.

9. Count down the days to a short-term goal with a compact 100-day daily planner.

10. A password notebook to record all your log-ins (because who can remember every password for every account these days).

An open password notebook with alphabetical tabs.

11. Manage your month with color-coded ease on a desktop calendar to keep your plans top of mind and at your fingertips.

A person makes color-coded notes on a desktop monthly calendar.

12. A bullet journal starter kit that comes with a notebook, range of vibrant pens, and stencils ready for you to start your bujo journey.

13. Manage all your personal paperwork with a sleek, standing file organizer that will keep you *golden* all year round.

A gold standing file organizer.

14. Balance your accounts down to the last cent and save some green with a greenery-inspired budget planner.

A succulent-themed budget planner.

15. Get the dream wedding you've been waiting for with this wedding planner, perfect for documenting every detail from meal plans to color swatches.

Staying organized all year isn't an easy task. Start out small and switch to GEICO to get in on savings in the new year.