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Pop-Up Empowerment Cards In 15 Minutes Or Less

Celebrate the amazing women in your life with these empowering pop-up cards. They're as easy to make as switching to GEICO, where you could save 15% or more on car insurance.

Craft Instructions


-5 pieces of 65-lb blue construction paper.

-Draw a circle about half the size of your card.

-Draw continents on each of the 5 blue circles.

-Fold circles in half.-Glue the back of one-half circle to the card.

-Glue the rest of the circles half-to-half, attaching the last half to the card.

-Write your message!


-Cut out a yellow construction paper light bulb by using the provided template.

-Freestyle cut a background for the bulb using glitter paper.

-Cut two 3” x ½” strips of yellow paper.

-Bend the tail of the light bulb and glue onto card.

-Bend the tail of the background and glue it ½” behind the bulb.

-Fold the paper strips into thirds and glue one end to the lightbulb and the other to thebackground, creating a bridge.

-Glue the remaining strip to the back of the glitter background and the card.

-Write your message!


-Cut eight 2” x ½” strips of printer paper.

-Fold them back and forth to create a fan.

-Cut out desired amount of hands from the provided template.

-Write your message before gluing on hands.

-Glue on two fan strips per hand.


-Cut out arm, headband, and sleeve using provided template.

-Glue sleeve parts on the card.

-Make a slit next to the sleeve that’s big enough for the arm to slide through.

-Flip the card and fold the arm tab to the opposite side.

-Glue a back sheet to the card to hide the tab.

-Glue headband onto the top part of the card.

-Write your message!